“Which Side are You on?” #evilpelgrane

Blame this. Blame this, blame this, blame this.  The tune and lyrics are parodying an unholy amalgamation of Pete Seeger and The Dropkick Murphys, by the way.  Because it amused me to do so.

(TimeWatch is a fun looking game, by the way: and it was actually a tough call on which side to go for. But you don’t write songs: you follow them to where they are going.)

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So I was about to put up something that was Timewatch related…

…(Timewatch being that time travel RPG coming out Very Very Soon Now) and then I remembered: I don’t actually have the rights to put up any of that material. I should check up on whether they’re going to OGL it, although I should probably contemplate… I dunno, try to sell them it?

Anyway, the basic concept was pretty simple: imagine a past Golden Age. Then smash it. From the broken pieces, construct our own timeline. Now imagine how the few temporal refugees from said Golden Age are going to feel about that. Did I mention that some of them could give a Grey Lensman a run for his money?

Anyway, your party’s job is to stop them from reversing their horrifying apocalypse. Have fun!

Hey, if you backed the Timewatch RPG Kickstarter…

…the digital files have dropped. Check your email account. The physical books are at the printers, so they should be toodling along at a near-future point.

Timewatch, for those who don’t remember, is a time travel RPG using GUMSHOE rules. It’s finally coming out, which is nice, because I’ve been looking forward to it. There’s a couple of things that I’d like to write for that particular game line…

Coming down to the *wire* on the TimeWatch Kickstarter.

I know, I know: those of you who don’t play RPGs are bored.  To which I reply: neener, neener, I want this book in full color*.  Besides, it beats obsessing over international news, which is awful right now and getting worse.

Moe Lane

*I also want the opportunity to pitch some of my ideas and writing on this to the people running what has suddenly become a rather more open and content-hungry project, so it’s in my best interest if they’ve got a whole bunch of space that needs filling with words, yes-no?

Now, what we have here is an interesting TimeWatch Kickstarter dilemma.

We’re at the 23 hour-mark-and-counting before the end of the TimeWatch Kickstarter; the current pledge total is just below $82K. At $85K a new stretch goal opens up: to wit, a 96 page Guide to the Annotated Timeline supplement. If it unlocks, a backer at my existing level gets the PDF for free, and the printed copy for an extra $20 (as an ‘add-on’).  So: if I toss in that $20, the Kickstarter will be $20 closer to the total; but if the Kickstarter does not hit its total, then I will have to take that $20 and hopefully apply it towards another add-on (but if I had wanted that hypothetical add-on in the first place I’d have simply increased my backing in the first place), or go to a higher tier at the last second.

It’s a definite exercise in game theory, no?  What’s my optimal strategy, here?