Rattling the Patreon jar again.

(Ignore this, seriously, if you’re already joined my Patreon. But go ahead and nudge other people into signing up!)

I know, I know: every blipping month. But, hey, it’s the 21st century and the age of the gig economy.  Besides, what with the monthly churn I’m apparently always right up against the checkpoint for the 3K word short stories. I should probably make the checkpoints multiples of $100 from now on.  It’d be more stable that way.

So, hey. Patreon! Click the button, spend a buck, take that chance.

The Moe Lane February I Wish To Replace This Computer fundraising drive.

Yes, it’s that time again. Basically, I’m putting together existing funds, hopefully coming-in funds from freelance writing, and whatever else I can scrape up here for a replacement computer that possibly doesn’t wheeze all day whenever I ask it to do more than 15 fps.  I figure that $750 or so should more or less do it, but I certainly wouldn’t mind more bells and whistles.

As the below chart shows, I have already made a start to this,

fundraising thermometer

…but what the heck: time to rattle the tip jar.

There’s also an update on my Patreon account: short version is, I put up an original short-short story for Patrons only. That notification will probably get its own post, but you gotta flood the zone on this stuff.

Hey, @mkhammer and I have something in common!

We both like Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream.  As for the psychological aspects:

If your favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, you’re more likely to be argumentative, frugal and cautious.

Argumentative? Well… yes, obviously. Cautious? Not particularly.  Frugal? Oh, hell no.  If I was frugal I wouldn’t be rattling the tip jar to pay for my Ogre habit*.

But then, these sorts of surveys usually don’t look for pinpoint accuracy. In fact, I believe that the term of art is “Delphic.”

*Admittedly, I’m rattling the tip jar for luxury items, not necessities.  But that’s because I have an excellent monetary policy: to wit, whenever I get some that isn’t from Amazon or PayPal I go home and give it all to my wife, who then does… something… to it that magically makes it available to us later.  It’s all very black-box.

I am gently reminded that when it comes to rattling a tip jar…

…that most people are paid on a Friday.  Good point and silly me.

Remember, your contributions will not be funding cutting-edge videos like this one:

…and thank God for that, huh? Nah, it’s all going to go towards disposable media or something to keep me sane for the next sixty days.