Velma Hart (Obama Town Hall Woman) laid off.

Kind of ironic, but supposedly not targeted; Velma Hart’s company (AmVets) just couldn’t afford to keep her any longer, that’s all. At least, I hope that this administration wasn’t so stupid as to get the CFO for Amvets – and a military veteran herself – fired.  Even if Ms. Hart had made the critical mistake of being critical to the President’s face on national television.

But, just in case Ms. Hart was targeted: I’d like to remind her that the representative for her district is Donna Edwards, and that Rep. Edwards is a liberal antiwar moonbat who bragged about voting to defund the war in Afghanistan.  Not to be ghoulish or anything, but since Ms. Hart is out of work anyway what’s the harm in her giving these people a call?  Believe me: voting reflexively Democratic is one of those habits that people can unlearn, and we’re always looking for folks with a good, solid, American background.

Hey.  Just throwing it out, there.  It seems wasteful to have such a great personal narrative there and not use it; and I can think of at least three good reasons why Velma Hart would never be allowed to be a successful Democratic legislator, at any level.  So why not explore other options?

Moe Lane (crosspost)