Newsbusters: AOL is lying about the Playboy Rape List firing.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Hot Air readers.  Also: nice job scoring the interview, Ed.

Full disclosure: Mark Impomeni, who had been previously fired from AOL, is a RedState colleague.  Caleb Howe, who no longer writes for AOL, is a RedState colleague.  I have previously banned Tommy Christopher from RedState – and now follow him on Twitter and have linked to him when appropriate, because that banning was strictly business, nothing personal.  I used to buy Playboy when I was much younger, but only for the pictures of naked women.  I used to use AOL, back when you got charged for the amount of time that you spent online.

I think that covers it.

So, to review: a misogynistic writer for Playboy’s website wrote a column (screenshot here) listing the top ten conservative women who he’d like to rape*. The conservative blogosphere, not expecting this sort of story to start appearing before, say, October of 2011, reacted with a snarl; joined in by several liberal members of the blogosphere. Then one of the liberal critics (Tommy Christopher) got fired by AOL. Meanwhile, Playboy pulled the article…

Yes, a liberal blogger for AOL got fired, right after he published a swiftly-removed criticism of the Playboy piece. Continue reading Newsbusters: AOL is lying about the Playboy Rape List firing.