The Return of Totally Meghan McCain.

Or, as she would be like to be known as now, “Totally Megan McKane.”

I am, so horrific in fact, have taken steps to have my name legally changed. It turns out some jerk already owns the name Totally Meghan OchoCinco, so I have decided to go with Totally Megan McKane, which is how, it should be spelled anyway (the silent “I” in McCain doesn’t make any sense!)

To continuing my point, this “Meghan McCain” actually had, the nerve to have a lawyer send a letter to, the good people of Red, demanding that I stop impersonating her! Hello! Is my name, Totally Meghan McCain, a part of “Meghan McCain”? No. Is “Meghan McCain” a part of my name, Totally Meghan McCain? I think, as the old people say, that is QDE. Or putting it, in such a manner that independent, young voters who decide the next election, will understand, FACE!

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#rsrh Meghan McCain’s lawyer vs. … “Eric Ericson?” Wait, what?

Background to the letter here: short version is that my friend and RedState colleague won the Internet last week by creating a perfect parody of Meghan McCain’s frankly incoherent writing style.  It was so perfectly and wonderfully functionally illiterate, in fact, that McCain had her lawyer send out a cease-and-desist letter; too many people really and truly thought that she had written it, you see.

By the way, Meghan?  What the hell did the comma ever do to you, that you continuously torture it so?

Anyway, here’s the letter in question.  Take a gander at who it’s addressed to – which should tell you everything that you need to know about the intellectual capacity of Team Meghan.  Or its collective facility at doing research.  Or its inherent ability to come in out of the rain, apparently.

Moe Lane