Book of the Week: ‘Live Free or Die: Troy Rising I.”

I got sucked into John Ringo’s Troy Rising series again somehow, and have been reading it all week. Live Free or Die: Troy Rising I is, obviously, the first one in the seri… you’ve already read it, haven’t you?  Yeah, you’ve probably already read it.  Sorry, but this is what I got.  If it’s any help, it’s rather good.

And so, adieu to The Invisible Library.

The Hot Gate not-review.

You know, I was going to write a quick note about John Ringo’s Troy Rising series – I’m trying to finish rereading The Hot Gate before I hit the sack, which is why today’s posting is… uneven – but then I got distracted by…


Actually, no.  It’s not really that important a political development, and the book (and series) is frankly more interesting anyway.  A pretty decent ongoing series about the kind of First Contact scenario that ends up being the “and this is where the debris from the last five space battles ended up” kind of scenario.  I like it, not least because Ringo is basing all of this off of the backstory of Schlock Mercenary.  Not to everyone’s tastes, but to mine.

Weekend reading…

…I grabbed John Ringo’s Citadel: Troy Rising II out of the local library.  Read the previous one; it was good stuff, and so is this.  Basically, John Ringo decided that he liked the hinted-at history of Howard Tayler’s excellent Schlock Mercenary space-opera webcomic enough to use it for an alien-invasion military science fiction series, which in itself is enough to start a self-sustaining Synergistic Crescendo of Awesome.  That it’s also well written alien-invasion military science fiction is merely gravy.

I also grabbed a couple of Charlie Stross books, but that’ll be for next week.
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