Tweet of the Day, …I Dunno. Maybe Vampires? edition.

Yeah, this is kind of weird.


I’m sure that there’s an angle/Photoshop explanation, though.  Or, sure, vampires. Everybody kind of wants it to be vampires, apparently.

Via @snarkandboobs.

Tweet of the Day, This Sh… Stuff… Is Getting OLD edition. #obamacare

You know what’s worse than a bad law? A bad law that gets enforced capriciously.


How the heck do you trust the Democratic party leadership on this, at this point? How can you trust the Democratic party leadership? – I mean, it used to be, you could sup with the Devil if you had a long enough spoon. Now… you just can’t expect that any deal will be honored.

This isn’t despair, by the way. This is exasperation. And a mental note to just assume that the Democratic party is run by spoiled children.

Moe Lane

Tweet/Quote of the Day, …Possibly A Little TOO Cute, Maybe? edition.

I mean, it’s a very good line, but… I don’t know.  Maybe I need more coffee.

Tweet of the Day, Tell Me Again How Great The #Shutdown Was For Democrats edition.

Seriously, since the Democrats are going to try to do everything that the GOP suggested anyway, why did they even bother shutting down the government in the first place?

I don’t want to be rude, here – but is this all just a, hrm, performance issue for the Democratic leadership?  Did they not want to be seen as being politically impotent? – If so, my (somewhat detached) sympathies.  I understand that such things can play merry havoc with one’s self-image.

Moe Lane

Tweet of the Day, This Is A Clarification For The Books edition.

We all have these little hiccups, of course.


It was the first link on Ben’s Transom, which is one of the two/three* email blasts that I voluntarily subscribe to and read.

*I voluntarily subscribe to both the RedState Morning Briefing and Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt, but only really read the latter: I’ve already read the stuff that’s linked to in the former, after all. Heck, I’ve often written the stuff that’s linked to in the former.

Tweet of the Day, It Seems Like We’ve Had A Lot Of Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Lately edition.

It’s honestly been a little disturbing.

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Tweet of the Day, I Thought That This Was HYSTERICAL edition.

But not as hysterical as the reactions to it. There are a lot of Lefties out there who aren’t happy about the fact that the only way to run the City is to emulate the Rudy Giuliani model; seeing how De Blasio deals with that is going to make for compelling watching.

From several states away. I do plan to stop by Manhattan in December, and do some last-minute shopping before the place turns into the NYC I remember as a child*. After that, well, elections have consequences.

Moe Lane

*My parents fled the City when I was eight. Draw your own conclusions from that as to how happy those memories were.