Typhoid Paradox [TimeWatch]

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Typhoid Paradox
(This writeup is meant for use with the TimeWatch RPG.)

Some entities (and some objects) have a parasitic relationship with time. They are known as Typhoid Paradoxes, and they typically form when a person or item is present at both a radical change to the timestream, and its equally-radical change back. ‘Radical’ in this case means ‘something that TimeWatch has to drop everything to fix, right now,’ not ‘the wrong country won the war’ or even ‘a mutant form of smallpox just wiped out Eurasia.’ Anything that threatens the ability of TimeWatch itself to function (or exist) would qualify. 

Thankfully, the above means that the conditions to create a Typhoid Paradox are rare. And even then, most of the time nothing happens. But every so often someone or something gets temporally permanently warped. Typhoid Paradoxes who can talk about the experience have reported that the warping feels like their skin is slightly but perpetually covered in goosebumps, and all Typhoid Paradoxes are slightly warmer to the touch than expected.

Those are just symptoms, though. The problem is that Typhoid Paradoxes drain Chronal Stability all around them, constantly, and reflexively. In game terms: even at rest, all Paradox tests for those around them are at +1 to Difficulty, including Travel tests. Typhoid Paradoxes can also spend a point of Tempus to increase the Difficulty of a test by another +1. For every six points of Chronal Stability lost that way, the Typhoid Paradox increases her Tempus pool by 1.

TimeWatch actually does not attack Typhoid Paradoxes on sight, as they are extremely annoying to fight at best, and fairly dangerous at worst. The conditions that create them do not appear to also cause emotional instability, which means that some Typhoid Paradoxes can be bribed, persuaded, or reasoned with. 

And some cannot.

Defense: Hit threshold 4, Armor 1 (Paradox), Health 8
Offense: Scuffling +1, Shooting +1, Damage Modifier +0
Abilities: Tempus 20
Special Abilities: Awareness, Chronal Drain, Destabilize, Embrace Instability, Help Yourself, Restabilize
Misc: Alertness Modifier +2, Stealth Modifier +2