BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE COMTE DE SAINT-GERMAIN (Unknown Armies) available for pre-order.

Just what it says on the tin: Atlas Games is making their Unknown Armies adventure BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE COMTE DE SAINT-GERMAIN available for presale. Pre-order the physical book, get the PDF now and the book itself in January. Pretty good deal there, folks.

Second(?) edition of Unknown Armies up at Bundle of Holding.

Question mark because I can’t remember if the reissue had many significant departures from the original Unknown Armies. Doesn’t really matter; this game has been consistently excellent in its background and style. This Bundle of Holding is not for the Third Edition that got Kickstarted — huh. Guess I didn’t need the question mark after all — a bit back; but they are still tomes that will reward a scholar’s curiosity. I already own the print versions, of course, and keep them close to hand.

Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies]

Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies] – Google Docs

Portable Hellholes [Unknown Armies]

Power: Significant.

Description: it looks like an extremely black circle that would be wide enough for a person to fall through, if it was actually a hole. It seems to be made out of some sort of resin; Portable Hellholes are hard to break, but it’s possible to do so.

Effect: when placed on the ground (it absolutely can be covered by leaves, carpets, garbage can lids, and other objects on that type), the next person to walk on top of a Portable Hellhole will immediately suffer a vivid and involuntary full sensorium hallucination that he has gone to Hell, and all of its torments.  The visions is always intensely personal, and based on the victim’s own fears, resentments, and hatreds. To outside observers, the victim merely collapses into unconsciousness for about an hour, and usually wakes up screaming.  Once used, a Portable Hellhole cannot be used for a full week.

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The Dolorous Motley [Unknown Armies]

Dolorous Motley – Google Docs

The Dolorous Motley [Unknown Armies]


Power: Minor


Description: Imagine a set of jester’s motley, only all done in shades of grey.  Dust rises from the Motley whenever it’s struck, and no amount of cleaning will ever get rid of the dust.  On the plus side, it’s well-made (the tatters are strictly for show), surprisingly easy to remove, is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

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Dug Two Graves [Unknown Armies]

Dug Two Graves [Unknown Armies] – Google Docs

Dug Two Graves [Unknown Armies]

Power: Significant

Description: A gravedigger’s shovel, old, hard-used, but still sound.  It smells faintly of sun, mud, and blood.

Effect: You activate Dug Two Graves in just the way you’d imagine: you dig two graves, complete with markers. One for you, and one for the person that you’re going to kill. Dug Two Graves won’t work if you’re not truly ready to kill somebody in particular, by the way.  You’ll know if it won’t work: more than one person who has held the artifact has dug the graves, and then discovered (usually to their secret relief) that they’re not really ready to go through with it.

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Got Your Number on the Wall [Unknown Armies]

Got Your Number on the Wall – Google Docs

Got Your Number on the Wall

[Unknown Armies]
Yes, the song was a spell. In Unknown Armies terms, it was gutter magic that managed to get elevated to some weird cross between it and a no-fooling ritual (and getting to that point was thought to be flat-out impossible).  It largely went out of style when pay phones disappeared from the American landscape, but the few pay phones that do remain tend to be very well protected.

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In the Mail: “You.”

You is a book by Greg Stolze that’s set in the Unknown Armies RPG universe.  I got my copy via Kickstarter, but the book itself is now available for sale. I look forward to reading it this afternoon.

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Roadshrine America [Unknown Armies]

This is an example of what they call ‘gutter magic’ in Unknown Armies. Not adept-level, not avatar-based, all kind of coincidental, but works all the same.

Roadshrine America – Google Docs


Roadshrine America

[Unknown Armies]

You’ve seen the shrines on the highways, right?  Sometimes it’s a bunch of flags on the overpass, or cups stuck in the chain link fence there that spell out a message. And sometimes it’s a forlorn-looking cross and flowers against a tree or some other landmark. You see them, you drive past, you maybe wonder a little about why people do that sort of thing. Well, the answer of course is: “Some people are passionate/obsessed” (depending on whether you agree with the sentiment being expressed, or not). And that original passion and/or obsession has nothing much to do with anything that the occult underground does. Oh, there are plenty of patriotic or bereaved occultists out there. No question about that: but when a roadside shrine is put up, it’s generally magically inert.

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