Jim Moran (D, Virginia-08) to crawl back under the pestilent rock from which he spawned.

No word yet whether they’re going to clean, fumigate, or sterilize his office. Assuming that they just don’t evacuate it and clean out the fetid hole with a thermite grenade, of course. I’m not sure if they should go that far, though: it might destroy any evidence that might be buried at the bottom of the muck.

As you might have guessed, I am not fond of Jim Moran.  My morning is thus made:

Senior appropriator and progressive stalwart James P. Moran will step down at the end of this year, making him the third House Democrat in just three days to announce his retirement.

The 12-term Virginia lawmaker will announce his decision in a Wednesday morning statement obtained early by CQ Roll Call.

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Jim Moran’s (D, VA-08) former campaign manager/still son under criminal investigation for voter fraud.

That’s a pretty danged full headline, but I don’t care. There’s something magical about the possibility of a campaign manager doing a perp walk:

The Arlington County Police Department has opened a criminal investigation into a video of Patrick Moran, son of Rep. Jim Moran and former field director of his reelection campaign.

The video, released yesterday by conservative activist James O’Keefe, allegedly shows Moran offering advice on how to cast fraudulent ballots.

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Jim Moran ranks military service below PTA membership.

Here’s a really good rule of thumb: when you’ve done something not only dumb, but actually vile – in this case, if you’ve declared that wearing your country’s uniform for twenty-four years is not ‘public service*’ – don’t compound the error later by trying to explain it away.  Jim Moran (D, VA-08) apparently does not understand this rule of thumb, which is why he is now trying to try to walk back from the aforementioned vile thing that he said about Patrick Murray:

But Moran says he was specifically citing local service aimed at Virginian communities, which Murray lacks, he says.

“Whether it be a civic association or a (parent-teacher association) or a non-profit charitable group, nothing,” Moran says.

You know, nobody’s ever been able to tell me what Moran brings to the table for VA-08 besides pork and Jew-bashing. Neither is likely to be an indulgence permitted to Democratic legislators in the 112th Congress, so why should Moran be re-elected, again?

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Meet Patrick Murray (R CAND, VA-08)

Col. Murray is running against the infamous Jim Moran in VA-08, and he took a moment to speak with us today. He’s won his primary, so he’s the official Republican candidate in this district. He also didn’t try to get in my face once during the interview when I asked him a question… something that Moran hadn’t mastered as of this April.

Patrick’s site is here.

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Meet Matthew Berry (R CAND, VA-08).

You might remember that I’ve talked with him before: but thanks to the new audio rig I can do a somewhat more proper job of an interview. The Virginia primaries are coming up: if Matthew gets the nomination he’ll be up against Jim Moran, who is rapidly moving up my list of People I Don’t Want To See In The 112th Congress*.

Matthew’s site is here.

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*How* old is Jim Moran (D, VA-08), again?

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

…65, is it? Well, that’s a little early. Still, being in a condition where you have to have your aides physically intervene every time you get asked a perfectly reasonable question about government waste is a little, ah, problematical:

Hot Air has more; Jason Mattera, of course, is the new editor over at Human Events (and welcome, by the way). He also seems to have a bit of a talent at finding Congressmen who don’t want to talk about the health care bill…

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PS: Both Matthew Berry and Patrick Murray are eager to help Jim Moran reach some sort of closure with both his anger issues, and his self-evident sense of resentment towards those fools that will not recognize Jim Moran’s genius. I imagine that both would be equally eager to hear from you.

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‘Most Ethical Congress in History.’ Man, that *never* gets old.

I’m going to miss laughing at that notion, starting January 2011.

Forget ‘outraged’: if anyone is surprised, then they haven’t been paying attention.

Lobbyists and corporate officials talked bluntly in e-mail exchanges about connections between making generous campaign donations and securing federal funds through members of an important House Appropriations subcommittee, according to not-yet-public documents reviewed by ethics investigators.

In summer 2007, for example, senior executives at [Innovative Concepts] tried to figure out which of them would buy a ticket to a wine-tasting fundraiser for Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), a member of the Appropriations subcommittee on defense. At the time, the company sought help from Moran’s office in securing contracts through special earmarks added to the defense bill.


The fundraiser was hosted by the PMA Group, a powerful lobbying firm whose unusual success in obtaining “earmarked” contracts from members of the military subcommittee was a key focus of a recent House ethics investigation.

Moran raked in $91,900 in campaign checks to his personal campaign and leadership PAC that day. He secured an $800,000 earmark for Innovative Concepts in the 2008 defense appropriations bill.

Or they don’t really want to. Which I can sort of understand; after all, the revelation that one has not only been lied too, but that one has enthusiastically participated in being lied to in order to get… nothing at all? Yes, that would strike someone squarely in the self-worth. I’d feel sorry for that, except that I have to live in the same corrupt political atmosphere.

At any rate, feel free to read the whole article, particularly the bits where the Democratic-run legislature let off the all-but-one Democratic appropriators, despite the fairly clear understanding that money was expected, and that money would be taken. Also, note that Jim Moran has at least two people on the GOP ready to replace him: Matthew Berry, who just picked up the uber-critical Volokh Conspiracy endorsement (via Instapundit); and Patrick Murray, who I just missed interviewing at CPAC. I would say that they’d both be superior to having Moran in that seat, and it’d be true: it’d also be implicitly insulting to either to suggest that they wouldn’t automatically clear that particular bar anyway.

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VA-08: 44/41 Moran/Berry (Caveats).

[UPDATE] Welcome, Campaign Spot readers.

Said caveats are: Internal poll, D+16 district, and Moran’s still ahead by three.  But a 44/41 Moran/Berry split at this stage is still noteworthy: add five points to Moran’s total and he still polls under 50% – which means that he’s vulnerable.  I don’t mind seeing a 40/38 split on ‘try somebody new’/’keep Moran,’ either.

Post-Massachusetts, it’s no longer reasonable to assume that anybody on the Democratic side is too safe to be defeated: so keep an eye on this race.  I’ve mentioned Matthew Berry before: if I was in his district I’d probably be supporting him in the primary right now, not least because he’s been engaging the new social media (which is a pretentious way of saying ‘he’s actively working to get support’).  And I can’t [expletive deleted] stand Jim [expletive deleted] Moran.  Watching that particular corrupt, anti-Semitic suckweasel go down in flames on Election Night would be a better present than a pony, and I’ve always wanted a pony.

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Matthew Berry to challenge Jim Moran (D, VA-08).

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers.

(This post has been updated to reflect a conversation with Matthew.)

Matthew Berry. Not the ESPN guy: the former Clarence Thomas clerk/DoJ/FCC guy. He’s running on a fiscal conservatism/national security/ethics platform; and opposing the infamous Jim Moran, believer in Israeli conspiracies.  His statement about Moran’s blathering* on the NYC show trials works for me:

“It is wrong for Congressman Moran to question the patriotism of the millions of Americans who believe that terrorists such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried by military commissions rather than in civilian courtrooms. Furthermore, Congressman Moran’s comment reflects a basic ignorance of American history. Military commissions were used to try war crimes during the Revolutionary War, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War II. The use of a military commission to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would have been entirely in keeping with American history and tradition.”

For those wondering: VA-08 is a D+16 district that includes Arlington, Virginia, which makes Matthew’s oppositional stance on the hot-button topics of the stimulus, cap and trade, and the health care rationing bill all the more notable.  He’s also supportive of the Tea Party’s objectives of more citizen involvement in government, particularly from a fiscal point of view.  Lastly; Matthew happens to be gay, and is making no attempt to hide his sexual orientation.  Which, given the way that minority conservatives routinely get viciously targeted by the Other Side, deserves particular mention.

The race itself is in its early days; Matthew appears to be the first candidate to declare for the primary (the VA GOP**, while not involving itself in primaries, did note that “it would be of great benefit to the Commonwealth of Virginia if Jim Moran were to lose his seat;” they look forward to supporting the eventual candidate).  All in all, a fiscon and natsec hawk sounds like a definite trade-up to the guy that we have in there now.

Moe Lane

*Apparently, objecting to show trials in NYC is now somehow un-American.  I’d note the irony, except that I’m more bemused at the irony that a ‘show trial’ has become the best possible outcome for this administration.

**Who did a nice job with the last election, by the way.

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