And I’m back.

A successful vacation! Kites were flown, boardwalk food was eaten, golf carts were ridden, my wife got to make a camp fire, many dogs were seen and made much of, a moose plushie was won in an epic battle with a claw machine*, and I slept a remarkable amount of hours. A good Mother’s Day was had by all.

Moe Lane

*As it went into the hopper I half-hissed, half-shouted: To the last, I grapple with thee; for hate’s sake, I spit my last venom at thee in full Khan Noonian Singh mode. By now, my wife doesn’t even roll her eyes. She has become resigned to my little ways.

Reduced posting this week.

It’s Thanksgiving week, my wife and I have a (rare) Thanksgiving dinner of our own to plan, and all of my free time is getting sucked into getting the NaNoWriMo draft done. It’s not really a ‘vacation,’ per se, but I should try at least to feel less sad about doing content this week. I might even try to get to bed to earlier – nah, that’s crazy talk.