Veterans Day.

A day of remembrance: I usually think of my father, who served in Korea – and who was very, very careful not to talk too much of what he saw there. The older I get, the more I start to see why Dad may have thought that way.  So… my prayers and good wishes to all veterans and their loved ones, and may we all have more peace in our lives.

Today is Veterans Day.

I will not say “Happy Veterans Day,” because it was and is a terrible – no matter how necessary – thing that we asked those men and women to do on our behalf.  I always remember this paragraph:

Johnny thought back to ’44 when he had first seen them march, old men and young boys, because the proper “shooters” were away to war. And of something that should not be on Broad Street in Philadelphia on the first day of January, men riding in the parade because, merciful Heaven forgive us, they could not walk.

Thank you.

Moe Lane