Tweet of the Day, …Why ISN’T There A Category Like This? edition.

It seems like a solidly useful category that wouldn’t need much coding, and would encourage purchases. I myself want to know it when games I actually play get updates…

I’m in that dangerous stage of video game boredom.

You know: the one where I don’t care about any of the one billion games I’ve already got on Steam, Epic, Orgin, GOG, Bethesda, and Uplay and start wondering about new time-sinks. In related news: how’s Tropico 6? GOG’s having a sale on the previdammit I just bought Sid Meier’s Pirates.

People fulminating about violent video games again. Yay.

Look, I feel that there is an Understanding, or there should be. I am now in this lane. A certain segment of the population is now in that lane. I am retired, so I stay out of their lane; and they should stay out of mine. Particularly when it comes to things like video games, which are frankly a convenient whipping boy for whatever general damfool feels like being a damfool in public this week. If you don’t like ’em, don’t play ’em; and if you don’t want your kids exposed to ’em, don’t let them play ’em. Aside from that, mind your own damned business.

I have spoken.

How do I feel about this Paranoia video game?

I’m not sure.

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Please do not use cars as video game platforms.

This is a very, very, very, very, very dumb idea.

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Q. How do you turn junk into treasure?

A. Bury it in the desert:

A cache of Atari game cartridges, including copies of one of the worst video games ever made, have sold for more then $100,000 after being discovered in a landfill site in the desert.

The ‘one of the worst video games ever made’ thing, of course, refers to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. A landfill copy sold for $1,535 – which is weird, because if you click on that lin you’ll see that you can get in on Amazon for around eighty bucks.  Not that you should spend eighty bucks on that game either, by all accounts…

Moe Lane