*Actually* appalling: @DKElections’ racist position on Virginia redistricting.

I guess that increased minority representation is only supposed to shove Republicans out of the way, not white Democrats:

Tsk, tsk, tsk. One hundred fifty years after Lincoln and sixty after Eisenhower, and we still have Democrats standing in the way of increased minority representation in Congress. Personally, I blame our educational system; the whole damn thing seems to reek of barely-suppressed fear and rage towards blacks and other minorities, sometimes…

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it’s not my fault if progressive white Democrats seem to think that the Voter Rights Act is something that’s only supposed to happen to other people.

PS: Hey, remember: the Online Left has been wrestling with the demons of their own racism for years.

Maryland redistricting map to get Voter Rights Act challenge.

So… the Maryland redistricting map was revealed and signed into law recently, and – shock!  Surprise! – the Democratic-controlled legislature managed to hack into one of the two Republican seats.  The short version: they went into Roscoe Bartlett’s MD-06, switched out a bunch of districts to make it more competitive, and then put central Maryland into the redistricting blender and hit ‘puree.’  Because, well, central Maryland is dominated by the Baltimore and Washington DC metro areas, which is another way of saying that it’s prime Democrat country.  The redistricting is likewise allegedly designed to give current Congressman John Sarbanes an easy, carefree life until such time as there’s a vacancy for MD-SEN; all in all, if you were hoping to see a Maryland redistricting map that didn’t look like a four-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, well, be disappointed yet again.

There’s just one small problem for the Maryland Democratic party, and it’s called the Voter Rights Act of 1965.  Or, perhaps, ‘karma.’ Continue reading Maryland redistricting map to get Voter Rights Act challenge.