‘Walk on the Wild Side.’

Whenever I hear this it’s an August night in my late teens. I’m listening on a clunky radio that supposedly could get shortwave stations and emergency channels, but I could never get them to work. But this song always came in on the FM radio, sweet and clean and perfectly clear.

Oh, that kid.

Walk on the Wild SideLou Reed

OK, the weather’s good enough for this.

Reminded by @vermontaigne:

Walk On The Wild Side, Lou Reed*

Well, you have to be in the right mental state for this song. It’s got to be about 2 AM or so; you sit by the window in a stark-lit room and listen to it while the wind rustles the leaves outside. So, it has to be a nice night out, see? November and you end up shivering. It’s a good song late at night; with it you end up halfway between thinking and brooding, and the melancholy’s just there to give a touch of flavor to the reminiscing. Just you, your thoughts, Lou Reed, and a cigarette…


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