#rsrh QotD, Not Quite What She Meant edition.

Ruth Marcus, on her largely-unhappy reaction at the way that Barack Obama has gutted the War Powers Act like a trout* – and in a fashion that demonstrates that Congressional Democrats have been casually lying to their liberal constituents for, well, apparently forever**:

The White House is the client. It can choose whether to ask its lawyers for advice — or which lawyers to ask. But sometimes even the smartest clients can behave like fools.

Yeah, and if even smart clients can be idiots then imagine how dumb the Obama administration could end up being.

Moe Lane

*Thanks, Barry!  Much obliged!

**The backstory on this is that Obama’s decision to simply ignore the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion on the War Powers Act has so infuriated Ruth Marcus that she’s comparing it to Bush’s… picking one side in the OLC’s internal dispute on warrantless wiretapping***.  Which is apparently the same thing to Ruth Marcus.

***Interestingly, I haven’t been able to find any actual second-person confirmation of James B Comey’s statement that multiple members of the Department of Justice from the top down were prepared to resign over this issue (even Comey’s Senate testimony doesn’t actually confirm that FBI Director Mueller and then Attorney General Ashcroft were planning to resign).  Maybe Mueller (one of the people who allegedly threatened to resign) will say more about this after he leaves the FBI?

#rsrh Hey, it’s Cynthia McKinney!

Who is not committing treason by going onto Libyan TV to attack the USA and provide pro-Qaddafi propaganda – but that’s only because President Barack Obama is in flagrant violation of the War Powers Act.

We call that a ‘missed opportunity,’ Mr. President.  Trust me: locking up Tripoli Cyndi* for treason – or at least sedition; surely we could make a sedition charge stick –  would get you a point back with Republicans, at no cost to anybody else’s support.  It would have been a no-brainer, is what I’m saying.

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Moe Lane

*The final ‘i’ added with malice aforethought.