No @WashingCon this year.

Not because of the coronavirus: they’re instead going to be switching venues for WashingCon to downtown, which means that they’re going to need an additional six months to get everything squared away. Ach, well. It would admittedly be nice for many people to be able to take the Metro in, although I liked the necessity of getting a hotel room if I wanted to run games both days. Downtown DC hotel rooms are… not cheap.

Back from @WashingCon.

Games went well. I had a reader come to play! — but I don’t remember his handle, just his real name, so I don’t want to say that because privacy and stuff. The Ragnarok game went four hours and the Fantasy Trip one finished up a little early; I think that people had a good time.

And I am goram beat. I spent a day being social and whatnot, and I’m apparently an introvert or something, because I feel drained now. I’m gonna eat the cornflake-breaded chicken that my wife is making for me and then I’m going to get the laundry in and then I may go to bed early. Or at least zone out on the couch. I feel that this is an exciting plan that will really cement the weekend for me.

Ran today’s first thing at @WashingCon.

Lego escape room. All four of the players were old hands at escape rooms, and I am apparently not; they were figuring out this stuff a lot faster than I would have, so I didn’t have to bother with feeding them hints and stuff. I *believe* that they all had a good time; I did, although it wasn’t the good time that I was expecting. I was expecting to have them chisel through walls and stuff and kill monsters and suchlike, but they didn’t seem into that and one of the GM’s jobs is to not get in the way of other people’s fun.

Besides, if I do it again next year I WILL run a Lego Dungeon; and that will be the body-horror surreal run of my fever-dreams. This, I swear.

Prepping away, prepping away…

…I think that I am actually in a better headspace than normal for at least two of this weekend’s WashingCon games. I ran one of the two for a bunch of folks last weekend, and now I know what the pacing on that should be; and the other one has all the character sheets and the cheat sheets printed out at this point, so I’ll just wing the rest like I do. It’s the third game that’s still a little anxious-making, but I figure that I can slam the wall on that one and hope for the best.

So, now I just have to pack stuff.

Running a meatspace The Fantasy Trip playtest tonight.

We’re gonna mess around with The Fantasy Trip and eat sandwiches and generally chill out and so forth. I’m running TFT next week at WashingCon, and I don’t really have an overly-structured plan in my head for it. For con games I like to tell people what are the conditions on the ground, then have them tell me why they care and then just let them bounce off of each other and me for a few hours. It seems to work reasonably well.

One week to go for WashingCon.

Probably going to be spending most of it prepping for various games. Of the three that I’m running at this point, the one that most worries me is the one-shot that I originally wrote for The Day After Ragnarok: I know how the plot is supposed to go, I think that it makes perfect sense and the course of action is obvious, so when the players decide to do something else I might be a little upset. Hopefully I’ll get over that silliness quickly, though.

So if you’re in DC next week, go to WashingCon! I’ll be entertainingly frazzled by Sunday, ya, you betcha.

My @WashingCon schedule.

Pretty straightforward:

  • Saturday, September 7th, 1 PM: Tiny Adventures (LEGO + homebrew RPG system). I’ll be running four people through probably the labyrinth, although the modular dungeons look interesting, too. I plan to be very flexible about the rules, too.
  • Saturday, September 7th, 6 PM: Song of the Siren (The Day After Ragnarok, Savage Worlds). Conan! WWII post-apocalypse! Manatees!
  • Sunday, September 8th, 10 AM: Dungeon Crawl (The Fantasy Trip). …Look, let’s not spoil what should be a perfectly lovely time by pretending that the plot is going to survive the first thirty minutes. Especially if I get the right mix of people.

Sign up for WashingCon today!

So, back from that meeting.

Basically, WashingCon runs what they call Tiny Dungeons: they’ve put together a variety of RPG scenarios involving Legos, from a dungeon crawl to a town mystery. And they’ve got elaborate sets for ’em, too. They’re also looking for more GMs to run game sessions this convention, so they asked me if I wanted to do a couple*.

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Off for a bit.

Continuing to do stuff around the house, and I’m going to a thing going on tonight that has to do with WashingCon. I may be helping with a special RPG session there; ‘may’ because although I want to, we’re still trying to finalize game times. When I know that I’m doing it, I’ll tell people about it. It’s a pretty cool idea.