Does Elizabeth Warren *also* support spitting on our troops? #OWS

LITERAL spitting.

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I ask this because back at the beginning of October Ms. Warren seemed to be very much in favor of the entire Occupy Wall Street ‘thing.’ As the Boston Globe noted: “All of the candidates expressed support for the controversial protesters who are part of the “Occupy Boston” movement downtown.”

The question then becomes: does that support include the members of Occupy Boston who went after a Coast Guard woman in uniform today? Continue reading Does Elizabeth Warren *also* support spitting on our troops? #OWS

Moonbeam Brown protested at Code Pink shindig.

This report of a lie-in by pro-victory in Iraq protesters at a fundraiser held for Jerry Brown by notorious terrorist sympathizer Jodie Evans highlights a very, very serious set of questions involving not only Brown’s associations, but also his own motivations. The fact that Brown is attempting to get Code Pink’s money like this leads to various questions:

  • Jodie Evans once reportedly told a Gold Star Mother that her son deserved to die in Iraq. Does Jerry Brown agree with her?
  • Evans was a long-time supporter of genocidal mass murderer Saddam Hussein; as recently as the summer of 2008 she was nostalgic for a regime that routinely murdered, raped, and ethnically cleansed its internal enemies.  Is Jerry Brown likewise nostalgic for the days of pogroms and acts of ecocide against the Marsh Arabs?
  • Evans sat on the advisory board of International Occupation Watch, a group that conspired to convince US soldiers to desert.  Jerry Brown: pro- or anti-desertion? Excuse me: “conscientious objection.”
  • Jodie Evans’ Code Pink planned and brought off “protests” designed to attack critically wounded, recovering soldiers and their families.  What method does Jerry Brown use to keep from throwing his drink in Jodie Evans’ face?  Does he need one?
  • In 2009, Evans  helped provide material aid to Hamas in Gaza.  Are some of Jerry Brown’s best friends Jews?
  • As is exhaustively noted here, Jodie Evans and Jerry Brown have had a long, long shared political history.  Where does Jerry Brown differ from her?  Specific examples, please: we already know that he likes her money.

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Ah, the good old days.

John Hawkins went trawling through his picture archives to find some examples of the classy, logical, loving antiwar commentary that we were all so blessed with, for so long.  To give you a calibration check: this one…


…is easily the sanest of the bunch.  And yes, the most infamous one of the time period is on that list.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d say that someday somebody’s going to have to explain to me what the Hell the antiwar movement has against Jews with guns Israelis, except that I suspect that if I even look like I’m soliciting an actual answer I’ll be inundated with a lot of badly-spelled screeds trying to justify/excuse the practice.  Which screeds will all die unread and unlamented in my spam filter, of course.