Blizzard warning for Hawaii*.

*The highest part of Hawaii Island, not the entire island chain. The ten-day forecast for Honolulu shows storms, with a high of about eighty degrees. But it’s still kind of neat, hey?

Today was the traditional first “Why was this a snow day, again?” of the school year.

I have a weird situation in my county: I live in suburbia, but most of the county is semi-rural and there’s apparently some kind of natural climate line along I-95*. Go west of it, and rain will often start turning to snow. But they make the decision to shut down schools on the county levels, so my kids are used to seeing snow on the ground and assuming that there’s a two hour delay. Today they just… closed school completely, and the rain washed it all away by noon.

I ain’t that happy about this. I mean, the kids were fine, but: I had things to do today, man. Maybe they should try salting the damn back roads more?

Moe Lane

PS: A bit early, too. Normally we get stuff like this happening after Christmas. I mean, it’s not even technically winter yet.

*This is probably wrong and I’m just imagining it and I still think that that’s what’s happening.

OK, this is perfect weather.

61 degrees at 11 PM. That’s awesome. That’s perfect. Let’s go with this weather profile until mid-November, OK?

I mean, I know that it’s not going to last. Gonna go back up to 80 tomorrow, which is also fine. But, man, while I love June the most I also love a proper Halloween/harvest climate. Warm, but winding down days; and cool, breeze-full nights that make me want to drink cocoa and read Ray Bradbury. That is best in life.

Moe lane

PS: Mind you, between January and early March I’m typically miserable and can’t wait for heat again.

…It was just too freaking hot today.

I got enervated. Which is a good word, but I’m not even sure if I’ve ever put it in a sentence before. I’m almost 50; surely I’ve had cause to use it for something.

Anyway, it was just too danged hot out to do anything. So when I did, it hit like a brick wall. It’ll be better tomorrow, but not by much — and now they’re putting out a flash flood warning for tomorrow. Somebody remind me again why in God’s name we settled Maryland?

Tweet of the Day, I Am Vast, Cool, and Unsympathetic, Apparently edition.

The impact of this story is blunted when you look up what 29 degrees Celsius* means in real numbers, alas.

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Gonna be cold tomorrow.

I was ignoring it, because I didn’t think that it’d be too bad here in Maryland. But apparently they’re talking two to four inches tomorrow night. Which means that they’re talking about mass hysteria and lunacy Wednesday, so I should pop over to the supermarket tomorrow morning and grab some stuff before the rampaging mobs come and buy up all the brown rice.

…Look, I don’t get it, either. It’s not really any less expensive than rock salt, I think. It’s certainly not the first thing I’d pick for emergency food if I was worried that the power would go out, either.

Stay safe, folks. Gonna be cold this week, too.

I’m not saying today’s snow day was kind of ridiculous…

…no, wait, I’m saying that today’s snow day was kind of ridiculous.  The kids didn’t mind at all, of course — but they’ll mind next spring, when the county has to make up days at the end of the school year.  Although, to be fair: this is the usual problem in Howard County.  If you’re on the south-east side of I-95, you get less snow than the north-west side.  There are parts of my county that may get up to six inches — just not anywhere near us, where it is currently raining.

Although if the roads freeze overnight I’m going to counsel my wife to work from home tomorrow.  This state goes stark raving mad when it comes to frozen demon sky-water and treacherous ninja devil-slicks.  She’s sane and sensible, but she’ll have to drive alongside these madmen, and that can oppress a woman.

A beautiful day here, for October.

As in, it’s 61 degrees and they’re promising temperatures around that for the next week.  Rain this weekend, then cloudy-sunny next week and that’s fine with me.  It’s finally feeling like freaking October and I won’t miss the muggy heat.

Gonna go get some scenery in. And, oh yeah, new glasses.  Had to make an appointment when the walkup didn’t work out.