How they got the Sebelius Websites for Dummies picture.

See, this is how you do it:

Brian Kelsey, a Republican state senator from Tennessee, wanted to get his opposition to the Affordable Care Act across in a creative way when he heard Kathleen Sebelius would be visiting a Memphis library in his district on Friday to talk up the legislation.

Before Sebelius’ arrival, Kelsey’s office issued a press release announcing he’d show up at the library “in protest of the visit,” though offering no details. He had something more specific in mind, though – presenting Sebelius with a copy of the book “Websites for Dummies,” a jab at the problem-plagued launch of the government’s new health insurance website.

“I’ve been the most outspoken opponent of Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Tennessee,” Kelsey said afterwards. “When I read Secretary Sebelius was coming to my district, I wanted to convey to her that Tennesseans (don’t) want her designing an expansion program for us. I had only two seconds to convey that message to her, so I thought the book would be a creative way to ensure she remembered the message.”

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