Run, Wendy Davis! Run! Run for TX-33! You could totally win!

Oh, I would pay good money* to have Wendy Davis in Congress:

Rep. Marc Veasey is also 44, on his second term, has a decent state legislative history (in terms of responsibilities and authority), and has a solidly Democratic district.  Speaking as a partisan Republican hack, I would so absolutely enjoy having a washed-up pro-abortion fanatic replace a young African-American dude in TX-33: you want to blight the Other Side’s careers as early as you can possibly manage it.  It’s just more efficient that way.

Moe Lane

*Well, I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t pay my own money, and it’s wicked to take other people’s money without their permission.

How the not-actually-mighty have fallen.

Well now.

I’m guessing that the consensus is ‘no:’

“[Wendy Davis] does well on TV. That’s a pretty well-tried path for people like her,” said Matt Bennett, former aide to President Bill Clinton and Al Gore and co-founder of the moderate Democratic group Third Way. “That is a path she might be happier on anyway. She of all people knows how tough it is to win in Texas.”

“She’s still a star in Democratic politics,” he added. “It doesn’t matter what Texas thinks of her.”

…By the way: that language above is how to poison the future political career of a problematic candidate on your own side.  It’s remarkably elegant, in its way. Not a single open insult in the excerpt; and yet you know that Bennett is providing Davis with the Kiss of Death.

Ach, well.

Quote of the Day, The Point Was To Never To WIN edition.

Allahpundit, explaining the Wendy Davis campaign in three sentences:

I saw a lot of tweets on Friday after the wheelchair ad debuted asking, “What sort of people would come up with an ad like this?” Answer: Rich people, my friends. Rich people who know they’re going to lose.

Ayup.  Also: click through if you’re a Texas voter who, somehow, still needs a reason to go to your polling place on Election Day and vote for every Republican that you can.

Wendy Davis perilously close to a #DOOM call from… The Daily Beast.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) Seriously, if I wrote this people would tsk-tsk me as being a hyper-partisan.

As if things weren’t going badly enough for Wendy Davis, the Texas gubernatorial candidate got caught inflating her campaign’s finances this week by counting a Willie Nelson concert as a contribution.

Davis, the Texas Democrat best known for her 2013 filibuster against an anti-abortion bill, is facing an uphill battle to beat state attorney general Greg Abbott to lead the Lone Star State in November. Polls have Davis consistently trailing by 10-15% and the erstwhile Democratic rock star, who is already on her second campaign manager, seems to be on course for an early election night and a big MSNBC contract.

Admittedly, I am a hyper-partisan, but in this particular case I’d be also a pretty accurate one. If not downright ‘prophetic:’ Wendy Davis will make a great addition to the MSNBC lineup, for the stereotypical given value of ‘great.’ Continue reading Wendy Davis perilously close to a #DOOM call from… The Daily Beast.

Quote of the Day, This Is Amusingly Obvious About Wendy Davis edition.

Well, it’s certainly not painful. At least, for me:

“[Erstwhile Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is] not doing as well as people had hoped, expected or wanted,” said Bill Miller, an Austin lobbyist who works with both Democrats and Republicans and who is a friend of Ms. Davis’s. “I think there were unrealistic expectations.”

Gee, you think? – Not that I mind national Democrats throwing 20 million down the money pit that is the Wendy Davis campaign.  It fuels economic activity – and better that it be spent on doomed Democratic campaigns than on viable Democratic ones.  But I do wonder if anybody on the Left is going to take a hit to their credibility for encouraging this wasted effort in the first place.  Probably not – and that’s not really a partisan slam; accountability for failure is rarely taken, and even more rarely offered.  Shoot, I have gotten it wrong on more than occasion.

I’ve also never set on fire 20 million of my own party’s money in the process, mind you.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

Wendy Davis’s spokesman abruptly quits.

By the way, did you know that campaign contributions are, generally speaking, non-refundable? Just tossing that out there:

Bo Delp, spokesman and former communications director for Sen. Wendy Davis’ campaign for governor, has resigned.

Delp said it was “an honor” to work for the Democratic senator, who faces Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott. He said that he is confident in her candidacy and that he will support her “wherever and whenever possible.”

Just as long as it’s understood that it’s impossible for ol’ Bo to be the spokesman for Wendy Davis, I guess. I know, I know: they always say stuff like that, on both sides. And it always makes me laugh.

Moe Lane

Hey, did you give money to Wendy Davis?

You did*?


Wendy Davis backs 20-week abortion ban that defers to women

Wendy Davis said Tuesday that she would have supported a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if the law adequately deferred to a woman and her doctor.

As many, many people have noted: this is shorthand for “Oh, right, I’m running for office in Texas.” It’s not that she is actually embracing a pro-life position; there’s a lot of wiggle room in that statement.  What it does mean is that Wendy Davis, when faced with a choice between sticking to her guns, and breaking and running, picked breaking and running.  That’s not what her out-of-state supporters paid for… but that’s what they’re going to get, and there are a lot of vulnerable Democratic candidates who could have used that money.

Continue reading Hey, did you give money to Wendy Davis?

So I hear that Wendy Davis is trying to pander on guns now.

“Open carry,” no less.


I happen to agree with RB Pundit, but I just wanted to make sure that anybody who hates guns who sent this woman money understands the nature of the message that they’re now funding. Particularly since the woman is still going to lose. Which means that… all of the money that she raised will end up just helping the pro-gun rights side, in the form of “Even the liberal Wendy Davis supported open carry…”

The real message of the O’Keefe Wendy Davis video: Battleground Texas has no operational security.

Erick over at RedState has already gone over how nasty these people are, but my primary reaction is slightly different.

What James O’Keefe has demonstrated here is that Battleground Texas isn’t competent enough to make sure that anything told to them stays in confidence. If you are a Texas Democrat and you have ever spoken candidly to a Battleground Texas staffer, let this act as a not-friendly observation: you may have been recorded. You cannot trust any assurances from Battleground Texas that it did not happen in your case. And you had better hope that you didn’t say anything stupid, vile, and/or prosecutable.

Have a nice day!

Moe Lane