QotD, A NSFW One That You Might Be Able To Skate On Anyway edition.

It’s about the Westboro Baptist Church, after all – which is, well, you know what they’re going to do. It’s rare that I see something in HuffPo’s political section that I can’t disagree with, but this is one of those times.

I hate to break from family-friendliness here, but it should be said that it’s only natural to read about the people of the Westboro Baptist Church and think, “Wow, these people are assholes.” But that is unfair to assholes, which serve a useful purpose.


As a (rather bad) Roman Catholic I feel that I should point out at this moment that it is unkind, unjust, and profoundly un-Christian to go up to people still staggered by a sudden grief and tell them that your own ‘god’ rejoices at their suffering.  And I, of course, deplore any… unfortunate consequences… that might result from such behavior.

A Harmonic Convergence of This Will End Badly.

I got no major opinion on the entire “Roger Ebert’s reaction to Jackass star Ryan Dunn’s death” thing – aside from noting that, whether it was insensitive or not to note at the time, drinking and driving is in fact a bad idea – but I hear that the lunatics at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning to show up at Dunn’s funeral.


No, I can’t imagine how that could possibly end badly.


#rsrh About the Westboro Baptist thing.

I forget where I saw the first link to this, but it would seem that the Phelps clan has finally gotten to a point where American society’s tolerance for their hate-mongering is beginning to run out. I know that everybody here is really upset that the bigots’ tires got slashed, but I worry that if the Phelps don’t reassess the status of their welcome on the public stage soon then somebody might just simply shoot one and take his chances with a jury.

I don’t want to have to watch somebody go to jail for shooting a Phelps.  Call me a squish, or something.

Moe Lane

“Yea, though I walk through the valley…

“…of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for the Dark Knight is by my side.”

I normally would at least wag a finger there – it’s not unreasonable to find that at least a little rude – but it was in response to the Fred Phelps freaks showing up at a comic book convention, which means that context is going to come into play here.  Given that I’ve heard ordinary, decent Christians happily endorse the idea that a good curbstomping would be an excellent way to respond to the Phelps clan’s habit of protesting soldiers’ funerals, I think that we can forgive invoking the geek community’s invocation of Batman.

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