Movie of the Week: What We Do In The Shadows. (Free with Amazon Prime!)

What We Do In The Shadows” is a mockumentary about vampires that was made by Taika Waititi. I’ve wanted to see it ever since I watched Waititi make a no-fooling good Thor movie, and hey! It’s free with Amazon Prime! So I figured I’d let people know.

That’s pretty much it. I like it when it’s easy to cross something off of the list like this. It’s refreshingly straightforward.

Moe Lane

So: “What We Do in the Shadows.” Was it good?

“What We Do in the Shadows” is a[] Australian [New Zealand*] mockumentary about vampires. Has anybody seen it? Does it, ha, suck?

It’s apparently not on Netflix, which makes it more complicated for me to watch it. And God knows that I’ve got a backlog. Still, the trailer looks pretty good.

Moe Lane

[*As per comments, I apparently got the country wrong. I regret the error.]