I’m never getting a Hugo. The Chengdu Worldcon reminds me why I’m okay with that.

This mess was eminently avoidable, starting with the no-brainer of not hosting the Hugos in a totalitarian, repressive state like the People’s Republic of China:

The 2023 Hugos were mired in controversy from the beginning. It started with a pall being cast over Chengdu’s decisive site selection win over Toronto coming with accusations of ballot stuffing, something that plenty of authors had ideas about…

…Controversy was ignited anew with this week’s long-delayed release of the full nomination statistics. Science fiction and fantasy fans from in both East and West are up in arms over several candidacies being listed as “ineligible” without explanation, and fear for the reputational damage done to the region and Eastern fandom as a result.

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I *think* I can still manage another chapbook this year after all.

The Kickstarter over-performed just enough to give me some margin and still be able to have books for the con circuit this fall. God willing and the creek don’t rise, at least. It must be nice to have liquidity – mind you, compared to most self-published authors I apparently do. At least until 2022. I dunno, maybe I’ll have a good enough backlist by then.

Speaking off… feel free to share the love, hey?

Greetings from the plague pit.

I’m fairly certain that every single member of my family is currently down with a different disease or injury.  My wife’s stuffed up, my elder kid’s coughing, my younger kid’s grouchy and off his feed, and I apparently have tendinitis.  Heck, even the cat’s got something weird going on with his kidney function.

Hence the quarantine sign on the door (no, I didn’t put a quarantine sign on the door). Personally, I’d like to lie about and be wretched, but somebody’s got to get the groceries and whatnot, and apparently I can deal with my condition well enough with a variety of pills.  Whine whine whine, moan moan, complain complain, whine…

QotD, Lamenting Democrats edition.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) House Democrats are not handling their recent spanking well.  They’re especially distraught over losing control of the House in such an insanely short time:

“We only had it for four years,” one senior Democrat lamented. “It took so long to get it back, and now it is all gone.”

Well, that’s what happens when politicians run as moderates and rule as liberals, Sparky.  This is also what happens when a political party lets itself be run by its liberal fringe on the legislative level and by a feckless dilettante on the executive.  And, finally, this is what happens when politicians ignore necessary business in order to pass ideological wish lists – then inform the American people that it’s all for their own good, so don’t worry their pretty little heads over it.  And what are the consequences of all of that?  The political party guilty of such behaviors gets promptly backhanded by the American people.  As we saw.

Learn or don’t learn, as you blessed well please – but do not whine about it.  It’s unbecoming.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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