So, time to roll the school closing dice again.

They canceled school today. Well, first they delayed it, and then they canceled it. And now I’m sitting here, waiting to see if they’re gonna pull that trigger again for tomorrow. They usually wait until the worst possible time to do it, too; if I knew now that there was going to be a delay, I could not set the alarm because I wouldn’t have to be up early to get the kids ready. But nooooo.

While we’re on the subject: I’ve let this slide, because I’ve been told Maryland isn’t used to snow and ice and rain. I’ve been here for almost two decades now. It snows and ices and rains every year. They should learn to get used to it, and they should start budgeting more money for winter road crews. Because the excuse, as they say, has worn thin.

So, the East Coast had a snow day.

Personally, I was going to quibble about my kids having the day off until I went to go get the mail. The weather, frankly, was nasty; it was still kind of snowing and the wind was kind of vicious.  I didn’t enjoy being out there, and I’m actually fine with it being the only time I went outside at all today.

But they can go back to school tomorrow, ya, you betcha. Admittedly, there’s a two hour delay tomorrow, too, but surely that’s all that they’re getting.  Right?  Right. I’m sure of it…

Oh, please, no more winter…

But apparently that is not an actual option.


I know that climate is not weather, but dammit: the global warming people promised me higher humidity, higher temperatures, and higher CO2. I was told “greenhouse effect.” So I want to see some goram warming around here. I had half a foot of snow dropped on me yesterday. In March. In Maryland. I feel that I have been lied to.

Today is the Winter Solstice.

I hate the Winter Solstice, mostly because it is the shortest day in the year and is the start of winter, which is easily my least favorite season. So it’s cold, and it’s dark, and sometimes there’s snow – which may be tame enough today, but until quite recently it was a vicious killer of men – and everything seems to be harder to do, and the world outside seems hostile and unhappy, and hearing the keening winds at night makes me feel alone, and old.

Which is why I love June: for that month is none of these things.