I would pay money to see Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine.

Which I guess would be the idea? “Daniel Radcliffe has already spent time in the shoes of one legendary character for a film franchise, but rumors continue to persist that he is set to play Wolverine in the future of the X-Men franchise.” He’s denying that it’s gonna happen, just like Andrew Garfield did about SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME – so your guess is as good as mine, right?

Mind you, I don’t want to see this because I think he’ll be like the iconic Wolverine. I want to see this because a Radcliffe Wolverine would be hilarious. Like, “everybody involved is drunk with power” hilarious. It might not even be a bad flick!


Nah, it’d probably be really bad. But still.


Finally, a cause worth pursuing: A Deadpool/Wolverine movie.

Oh, man, I would so totally watch this.  Aside from everything else, I honestly believe that the people who did Deadpool genuinely love the X-Men and Marvel and wish to do something fun with it.  Incredibly foul-mouthed fun, no doubt, but ‘Merc with the Mouth’ for a reason, folks.

…[Ryan] Reynolds wants unite the two anti-heroes in a movie together if Jackman decides he’ll don the claws again (the actor has said that this spring’s third standalone Wolverine film, Logan, will be his last). “I want Deapdool and Wolverine in a movie together,” says Reynolds. “What we’re gonna have to do is convince Hugh. If anything, I’m going to need to do what I can to get my internet friends back on board to help rally another cause down the line.”