I must admit: kind of tired and loopy.

My wife suggested that we try a local spa tonight for date night. She just joined up, I could go in on a guest pass and try out the pool and stuff. So I said sure.

One hot tub, cold plunge, back to the hot tub, as much time in the steam room as I could stand, and then stretched out on one of those lounge thingies while a perfect-temperature blew over me later, and, well. I could feel the lactic acid dissolve away in my back and muscles. One of the few nice things about getting older is that about a decade I stopped feeling the need to pretend indifference to therapeutic creature comforts. This was worth doing on a more regular basis.

But it did make me feel somewhat sleepy. And loopy: I almost wrote the same article on Avatar twice! Clearly, I am pleasantly out of it.

So, I thought I was doing final edits of a 3K word short story tonight.

Turns out that I was actually finishing a 4.3K word short story tonight.  That’s always a fascinating experience, when the thing you’re writing abruptly tells you No, actually you need to write this, this, and this, and I don’t care if you have a deadline.  I am inspiration, and you will do what I say, Sparky.

But thank God it’s done, now.  It will go up on Patreon after I stretch, hydrate, and do another read-through to make sure there are no embarrassing typos.  I do think that it’s a lot better, now that I added the words that needed to be added. But we’ll see. I think that it’s awesome, and that’s often the kiss of death for a writer’s project.

I swear to God, I am going to organize myself better.

Time management, that’s the ticket.  Although I’m doing better: I actually got the end-of-month stuff done before 11 PM!  Now I’m just letting my brain reset so that I can proofread with a fresh eye and maybe catch more errors that way.

Heck, these days I’m actually proofreading. Clearly, I am now a tool of the Man.  Which should be at least more relaxing than being the actual Man itself. As Diane Duane might say, this way I don’t have to approve all the timesheets.