The Day of DOOM.

What we could do, we have done; it’s up to the voters now.  That’s you, so make sure you vote.

Odd: I’ve been preparing for this day since November of 2006 – admittedly, I thought that it’d come in November of 2008 – and I find that the somewhat (melo)dramatic things that I had in mind to write aren’t really all that appropriate.  Even the national party is trying to keep things low-key tonight (which is smart of Rep. John Boehner).

So no drama.  Just go vote.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

New ‘GI JOE’ footage.

Courtesy of Aaron Williams.

And to answer his question… the reason why they bothered getting the licenses to this series and not E-Swat is because the director’s favorite GI JOE action figures as a child were clearly Baroness, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes.  That’s why they’re recognizable in the movie, even when nobody else is.

Was that snide?  That may have been snide.

Yo Joe?

OK, here’s the problem. This is what I want:

And this is what they’re going to give me:

…the question is, is this going to be close enough? It looks promising, but that’s no guarantee. There’s also the problem that, between Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Kung Fu Panda I’m kind of overdrawn at the movie karma bank right now.  So do I really have the right to fanboy, here?