Tweet of the Day, I See No Flaws In This MD Zebra Herd Reinforcement Strategy edition.

(h/T @zamoose) Because that’s what’s gonna happen. They aren’t going to capture the Maryland Zebras. They’re gonna reinforce them.

It was a good event, despite the lack of zebras.

A beautiful day and everything went off without hitches, which is always nice. I wasn’t doing as much to help out as I usually try to, for various reasons, but I still managed to be useful, here and there. Oh, and I got a baronial award for service! That was very cool, and I like the enamelwork on the medallion.

But no zebras, except for the ones we brought with us. But that’s okay. They weren’t preregistered.

Moe Lane

Tweet of the Day, This Is My Favorite Picture Of The Week edition.

The person who took it earned his or her corn that day.

I mean, that is art. Well, of course photography is an art, but there’s stuff in there that rewards multiple viewings. I wouldn’t mind having a print of that up on the wall.