The ‘Anna and the Apocalypse’ trailer.

OK, normally I wouldn’t.

But Anna and the Apocalypse is a Christmas zombie movie musical.  That makes it legitimately of note.  It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good; merely that they had to do some extra work to throw this sucker together.  That already puts it ahead of a lot of Christmas horror flicks.

The inevitable So They Found That Zombie Charnel Pit post.

It says something that this could be considered exciting news, huh?

Ten butchered skeletons are thought to offer the first concrete evidence that Medieval people hacked apart corpses to stop them returning as undead.

Cut bones, knife marks and evidence of scorching were found on the human remains, unearthed in a pit near the abandoned village of Wharram Percy, north Yorkshire.

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My PJ Lifestyle piece on innovating zombies in RPGs.

Found here. Short version: there’s actually a bit that you can do with zombies in your campaign, and I didn’t even get to zombie pets or metaphors for the environment.  Although… a zombie campaign done in the style of the 1970s disaster movie genre could be hysterical.  Polyester leisure suits, and all.

So, KFC has put out a zombie-ATTRACTING sunscreen.

Well, they say that it’s just a sunscreen that makes you smell like fried chicken (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, by the way), but we know how it will all eventually go down, right?  Seriously, watch the video.  See that kid at about the thirty second mark?

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…Are zombies over?

Have zombies peaked as a cultural meme, in other words?  And if they have, what’s the hot new horror meme? I do so like to keep up with this stuff.

…That’s pretty much it. I was going to do something zombie-ish, but then I stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trouble to do and whether anybody would want it anyway. Man, this trying to be hip and stylish and whatnot can be hard, sometimes.

Even on post-tooth extraction Percoset, Millicent has a zombie plan.

At least, I assume it’s Percoset: I’m pretty sure that’s what they put me on when I had my wisdom teeth yanked, and let me tell you: that stuff is prime.  When I was lying down after the extraction, my sister came in with a fresh-baked, hot bagel from her job. I told her to just put it on my chest… and then I lay there for forty five minutes, absolutely grooving to the way I could feel it cooling. So, I’m saying: those are the good drugs that they give you.

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I have wanted this t-shirt for pretty much forever.

Finally got it.


No, I’ve never subscribed to the In case of a zombie apocalypse, I’m tripping you school of thought.  That’s just dumb, short-term thinking. And the people who publicly subscribe to it are most likely going to end up joining the ranks of the Undead much, much sooner than the people who form voluntary associations with each other at the first sign of a shambling revenant…