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Also, because we’ve had a couple of people try already: real emails only, please. And by “please” I mean “or I’ll just mark your comment as spam and go on with my life, singing tra-la-la.”

Yes, English can be a very compact language.


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  • Texas 1911 says:

    Moe, I greatly enjoy your blog. I have been a member of Red State for several years and have gotten burned out. I really miss Vassar Bushmills. That guy could write. I never got an explanation ab out his banning. Anyway, this is a fan message. I read your stuff here and generally agree and enjoy the site. Even though I am a card carrying troglodite with a flamethrower. Keep it up.

  • Voyager says:

    So I’ve found myself reading your articles on gaming pretty regularly, and I find myself wondering if you could be persuaded to do a piece on navigating social gaming (aka mmo’s) as an “evil right winger”?

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