Tweet of the Day, Did You Miss Your Chance To Watch Gawker Get Sucked Into Its Own Tar Pit? edition.

You did? Well, in that case… do I have news for you.

Via @iowahawkblog.

Now, ain’t that a shame. Really. Truly. …I should have those leftover chicken tenders for lunch.

Yeah, don’t expect to see the BATGIRL movie any time soon.

It’s the last three words here that are relevant:

“I saw the movie,” said [DC Co-Chairman/CEO Peter] Safran, “There are a lot of incredibly talented people in front of and behind the camera in that film, but that was not releasable. It happens sometimes.”

Bolding mine. “Not releasable” is bad* enough, because it’s a more polite way to say BATGIRL was so radioactive, we sent it over to the Department of Energy for disposal. “It happens sometimes” is even worse, because the subtext there is The discussion’s over on this, folks. Seriously, BATGIRL must be at BATMAN AND ROBIN levels…

Moe Lane

*Well, ‘bad’ for anyone who wanted to see this flick. I’m ready enough to believe that a studio executive might be able to recognize a stinker on sight.

My complete “The Smythe-Worthington Foundation” RPG setting is up on Patreon! (Free!)

Here ya go. Or here:

It’s pre-apocalyptic time travel RPGing at its finest, you know. Then again: how many of those kinds of campaigns are even out there, anyway?


The January 2023 Patreon stuff is up!

And I’m tired!

There ya go.


Tweet of the Day, What Blackmail Does James Gunn HAVE? edition.

(H/T: @bendreyfuss) My mouth got more and more open, the longer the video went.

There’s, two, three projects on there that I never would have believed they’d let James Gunn do. And yet. And yet.