July is Patreon Pledge Month, here at MoeLane.com!

So, I have a Patreon. You can find it in the link below, and it happens to be the single largest regular revenue generator I have. It’s the reason why I can *almost* publish a novel a year (I’m still in the stage of using Kickstarters to make up the difference, which is something that I’d like to phase out as soon as I practically can). Right now I’m at a point where I’m doing a short story and RPG campaign material every month, and microfiction every week. I flatter myself that the stuff is good. It’s certainly good enough that I can publish the fiction in chapbooks later without embarrassment!


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Don’t forget: I also sell chapbooks!

Four short stories per chapbook, each with original illustrations!

  • Anagnorisis: Four Tales of Transformation.  “The stories share the theme of Anagnorisis (the sudden and dramatic defining of one’s true nature), but do not share a universe. HOLDOUTS speaks to the aftermath of the Vampire Wars; THE HOUSE matches a unsettling location with an unsettling protagonist; OLD LOU examines what it’s like to have a barely-controlled monster in your head; and NOTHING LIKE A GOOD BOOK introduces the occult investigatory team of Cosgrove and Stewart!”
  • Revisionary: Four Tales of the Mythos. “Four tales of the Mythos! In SIMMON’S BOOK, learn why you shouldn’t listen to anything you read. In POLLY WANT, thrill as a human being faces down a terrifying alien deathworld monster. In WICKED WHY, get it through your head that ‘Why’ is always the wrong thing to ask. And in IMPURITIES, discover some of the perils faced by the small businesswoman in a unique business environment.”
  • Decisions: Four Tales of Choices. “Four entertaining stories, spanning genres! See a card sharp play a high-stakes game of bluff and blood in PIGEON! Participate in a final funeral in LE ROI EST MORT! Watch a man battle ruffians and himself in RESCUE FROM CHATEAU D’ALÉATOIRE! And marvel at the unique fate of a man who learns too much in DEEP IN THE HEART OF SEX FISH!”

Good! Cheap! Buy them today!

Obsessive-Compulsive and/or Dedicated Fans Hack STARFIELD’s Map.

What’s the difference? Nomenclature! “It’s going to be a fair bit longer before we finally get to explore Starfield’s galaxy. Unless, of course, you’re dedicated enough to reverse engineer Bethesda’s star-map based on six fleeting seconds of trailer footage, compile it into a 3D executable, and release it into the wild for curious fans.”

Details at the link. For myself, I look upon being able to do this in the same way that I look upon mod development: as a wonderful and handy life skill, for other people. I just want the end result. Not that we’re getting STARFIELD until next year anyway, by which point I will have forgotten about this…


When they’re disappointed in a movie, Honest Trailers sometimes has a little bit of trouble getting the brutal/funny ratio right. I think that in DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS they managed it. At least, I laughed, and I liked the movie.

PS: I do agree with HT that EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is definitely worth watching, by the way. It’s apparently odd how I can manage to like both of these films at the same time, and on their own terms. I suppose I just lack anything resembling consistent taste…


How not to tempt fate, school bus edition.

Me, 7:18 AM: Hey, this bus pickup for the kid’s first day of summer social interaction went smooth, for a change!

Me, 9:18 AM [One call from bus company telling me they had broken down and could I please collect my child, incomplete directions as to where the bus was, GPS conking out four times on the way to the bus, getting slightly lost, nearly dying because the other guy suddenly decided to play chicken at the intersection, driving the kid to the location, having to speed-cross every lane of 2 major highways because Maryland is addicted to putting entrance ramps on one side of the goram road and exit ramps on the goram other, finding out the bus company hadn’t told the school program they had broken down, being told Oh, sure, don’t worry about having to come pick up your kid!*, and spilling a medium orange juice over the front of my body later]: WHY MUST YOU SEEK YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION LIKE THIS MOE-FOOL HAVE YOU NO SENSE YOU HAVE NO SENSE

So that was my morning!

* I will do no such thing.

never set off a firework pikachu in your room

i wasnt gonna put this up but the responses my god the responses i am dying here i am dead

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