Tweet of the Day, Stop DOING That edition.

If people are going to be this willfully reckless, then why do we even have spooky horror movies, people?

I mean, Jesus CHRIST. I don’t even BELIEVE in magic or curses and if I ever found this on a dig, I’d carefully cover it back up, then go somewhere else for a while. There’s skeptical, and then there’s just asking for it. Great googly moogly.

In the e-mail: Battle for the Wastelands: A Steampunk Military Fantasy.

The combination of the title, the cover art, and the 99 cents sale was enough to get me to pull the trigger on Battle for the Wastelands: A Steampunk Military Fantasy. What can I say? I’m a sucker for zeppelins.

08/05/21 Snippet, (The Rebooted) RESCUE.

I figured out what was wrong! I mean, with the entire story structure. It should go a lot more smoothly now.


They say you don’t forget your first ship, and they’re right. The Paulie Girl wasn’t the biggest ship, or the newest; you could see from her hull and her deck that she was used to hard work and harder weather. Despite all that the crew could do — and didn’t we work her over, on the regular! — she was stubborn, and sometimes sulky. But her lines were clean, and she wore the rust lightly. She was a tough bitch, our Paulie. She’d take whatever you threw at her, and then spit it right back in your eye.

God, I loved her the moment I clapped eyes on her.

God, but this boat is a piece of shit, Ted thought.

The ‘Does-not-need-my-help.’ AVATAR: LEGENDS ROLEPLAYING GAME Kickstarter.

Seriously. They picked a goal of $50,000: it’s now at $2.161* million. And note that the Avatar Legends RPG Kickstarter dropped yesterday.

I’m just going to wait until the last 48 hours, then see what goodies are available then. It seems the most efficient use of my resources.

Moe Lane

*It went to 2.165M while I was writing this. And 2.166M when I went to go check again. This is one of the monster Kickstarters.

08/04/21 Snippet, RESCUE.

I’m still trying to figure out elements of this story, honestly. Like the middle of it.


Being locked up with the rest of the crew wasn’t great, but at least they weren’t aiming guns at him. Just some stares. Ted couldn’t decide if it was because he was the only American on the crew, or just the newest one. Then again, either would do.

When he told the story about the capture later — more accurately, when he told a story about the capture later — Ted would always make it sound like there was a plan, right from the start. Some of these guys, it wasn’t their first rodeo, he’d say. They knew what was gonna go down, if the pirates didn’t get what they wanted. We knew we had to be ready for anything. Then he’d say, Me? I was a snot-nosed kid back then, so I just shut up and did what they told me to. And it worked, didn’t it? We got through it okay, and the bad guys didn’t. After a while, he almost started believing all those lies himself, except for the last one. He didn’t get through it okay. Not. At. All.

To start with, there was no plan. And that was fine, from Ted’s point of view. Heroics wasn’t even close to being on his agenda. The freighter paid him to held sail the ship, and the ship wasn’t sailing. They wanted anything more right now, they could renegotiate his contract.

‘Chipmunks on 16 Speed’ (Take a couple hours to listen to this).

So this is what ate my afternoon: Alvin and the Chipmunks, slowed down to 16 rpm. It’s ridiculously good, in a post-punk sort of way. Straight-up good, honestly: “Good Girls Don’t” was particularly Wait, this was in a kid’s show? In fact, I’m listening to again now.

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