Tweet of the Day, There’s A Story In There edition.

One I don’t have time to write.

Tweet of the Day, When You Should NOT Seek Forgiveness Instead Of Permission edition.

To wit: when the person you’re trying to impose on can afford a metric [expletive deleted]ton of vicious attack lawyers. (Via @IMAO_)

One hopes that this is not the end of the matter.

Nicolas Cage to do live-action Spider-Noir.

Wellllll… all right? “Nicolas Cage will once again play Spider-Man Noir, but this time in a live-action series. Cage is set to star in the live-action show “Noir,” which has been ordered to series at MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video.” It’d be — okay, fine, if it was anybody but Cage I’d worry that the live-action part would be far too stupid. But Nick Cage lives in the ‘far too stupid.’ He was born to it, was raised in it, he has made it his own*. So this might work.

*Or whatever the quote is. I’m too lazy to look it up right now.

Tweet of the Day, You’d Have To Play It Totally Straight edition.

It won’t work unless you play it totally straight.