What kind of merch should I sell?

I have art, and I have a variety of places who will either make me things for an outrageous markup, or sell things for me for an even more outrageous markup. Sobeit. Everybody’s got to eat, including online store facilitators. What I need to figure out is what to sell. So far, this is my list:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Bookmarks
  • Book plates
  • Other kinds of stickers
  • Glossy prints of book cover art*?
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02/23/2024 Snippet, THE VISITOR FROM OUTSIDE.

It takes shape.

Well, that put a different spin on my lunch. Now that he pointed out, I could taste the subtleties of meat that hadn’t come out of a lab. “This is all real? And not costing an arm and a leg? Why the heck don’t you have more tourists?”

“Because we are officially off the modern maps?” Bill replied. “After the F-SOBs put down the Free State and transported the surviving rebels, they wrecked any navpoints that survived the uprising. We’re lucky they didn’t break up the roads.” He sipped his coffee, and shrugged. “Even when Reform really got going, this area was always low priority. We’re only getting Weaved in now because everybody else in the NewSA already had.”

“Well, there’s some parts of the north that won’t get Weaved until we start resettling people up there,” I observed. “But, yeah, this is the last part of the Original States that’s getting taken care of. I dunno why the Bureau waited this long, either. I guess it’s ‘Ze Feds do as ze Feds do, Mistair?’”

Bill snickered, but I think it was just because of my bad becky accent; I doubt he recognized the line itself. I am really way out in the sticks here.

Working on the Backerkit Store this morning!

Basically, the next two weeks will be about Kickstarter resolving the money stuff, so I have some time to work on the store and fulfillment. I also need to spend this weekend assessing what still needs to be done to the stories themselves before I send them out to alpha readers (my editor’s going through a couple of things, so I have a little more time there than I expected). Alas, none of this is particular sexy, but that’s how it goes.

In the meantime, check out REVISIONARY! This is my Cthulhu Mythos chapbook, and it’s full of cosmic horror goodness. And that’s kind of subtle cosmic horror goodness, no less! I don’t go in much for the gore and the viscera and so forth. That sort of this is perfectly fine, but it’s not always something I’m great at writing. I think I do better anyway at “Hold on, what did you just say?” Check it out!


The Kickstarter is in the can.

Did well for itself, too. 304% funded, several stretch goals hit. I surpassed all the metrics on the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 1 Kickstarter, which is the proper benchmark – but I did better than I expected when matched up against the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter. I think novel crowdfunding just does better than short story collection crowdfunding does, but I’m happy with this being in the same ballpark.

I think I also learned a few things this time about promotion, too. Every little bit helps, hey? …Anyway, now comes the work-work part: getting all of this stuff out the door. Thanks to everybody who backed; if you missed out, I’ll be setting up a Backerkit store in the next few days.

Again, thank you very much! These things are always wild rides.

02/21/2024 Snippet, THE VISITOR FROM OUTSIDE.


Spent the day doing research in Aylesbury proper. Which is to say, I sat in a musty-smelling library, looking through records on a computer that was old enough to be my grandfather, and even flipping through physical maps. Physical! They were so old, I was terrified to even touch them. Had to be done, though. This whole area wasn’t exactly a technological wonderland even before the Mistakonic Free State rebellion, and what modern gear was here got destroyed by the rebels themselves. They just didn’t care for technology, it seemed — or a bunch of other things, very much including people.

It’s funny. I remember hearing about the rebellion when I was a kid, and I couldn’t figure out why my parents were almost… happy to hear about it. It wasn’t until later that I realized that they were happy to hear about anything bad. I guess they didn’t really believe that Reform was going to be real until then, huh?

Anyway: primitive library. Primitive library. So primitive, there was even a librarian. I guess that makes sense. I mean, physical books have to be put back after people are done with them, and what happens if they’re not put back in the right place? You’d never find anything, then.