Patreon Microfiction: Soul-Red Roses.

‘Soul-Red Roses’ suggests that not every supernatural manifestation is flashy. There are other implications, but I’ll leave them as an exercise for the interested reader. No need to pound a metaphor into the ground.


Check out Kate Ashwin’s Patreon!

Apparently she could use a bit of a financial boost. I like Kate’s Widdershins: it’s very possibly my actual favorite webcomic (definitely top five). I’m going to miss it when it ends, although I understand why she’s ending it.

The February Patreon stuff is up!


  • Short Story: Verdict of History. History was deliberately unkind in its verdict, and I fret that I didn’t make it unkind enough. I rarely dislike my own protagonists to the extent that I disliked these two.
  • RPGs: ARTIFACTS, Chapter 3: Artifacts. Yes, very redundant. And a bunch of synonyms for redundant, because who needs to sit through that joke?

The Fantasy Map Patreon.

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a while (not to mention, sign up for it). Fantasy Map is Robert Altbauer (my map dude), and I think he does pretty good work:

So check him out. Also: if you require a map for something, he’s got reasonable rates; and is both reliable, and responsive. I can readily recommend him — and all of that is really a lot of Rs, right?