Patreon Microfiction: ‘Cultural Exchange.’

‘Cultural Exchange’ would be a fun world, except some folks already wrote it. Admittedly they didn’t make ‘teachable nomads’ the main focus, but the basic concept is there. Ach, well, there are other concepts to develop.


I have a Patreon , not a Substack, and it’s close to a new tier.

Frank Fleming‘s setting up a free Substack for his science fiction stuff, and that’s sensible of him: when you self-publish, you gotta do your own advertising. Yay. I’m not doing a Substack, though, because I already have a Patreon and it’s pretty close to the next tier (weekly serial fiction installments).

The link is below. Please note that I am not asking for people to up their pledges: I have a $1 buy-in, because I’d rather have ten people giving me a buck a month than one person giving me ten. Also note that I’ve revamped the goals and added some different writing samples. Send the link to your friends!


Moe Lane

Patreon Microfiction: Marching Through Texas.

I kind of want to write the full story found in ‘Marching Through Texas,’ but I would undoubtedly get one of the buttons wrong and then everything would just go to Hell. I may write it, anyway. As the philosopher said: sometimes you just wanna lock the controls, and send the [expletive deleted]er right into the sun.


04/08/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

So, I took a nap; and when I woke up, I realized that my alpha reader’s complaint about certain shenanigans in the Vampire City of Red Bank were in fact justifiable, and that I agreed with her. Fortunately, the nap also told me what to substitute for said shenanigans, which will allow me to keep both the fight scene and the… other one. So that’s what I’m likely working on this weekend. I’m also thinking of making the business at Red Bank this month’s Patreon story, so there’s that.