TIME IS RUNNING OUT on the July Patreon Pledge Drive!

Fiction! Microfiction! RPG stuff! For a buck a month! You can’t not sign up for this!

…Well, okay, obviously you can not sign up for this. But it’s in your best interests to join my Patreon today! Aside from everything else: in large part, it’s what lets me self-publish books. So, hey, enlightened self-interest here!


07/15 Update, July Patreon Pledge Drive (with added linky action!)

My Patreon did not burn down, fall over, then sink into the swamp. After the rest of today, I am counting that as a legitimate win. But I encourage people to join my Patreon anyway. Weekly/monthly fiction and RPG writing, excellent value for a dollar a month. Alternatively, if you don’t want that kind of commitment… buy my books! My illustrated short story “Pickman’s Model: A Romance” is out this week.