Patreon Microfiction: The Way to the Devil’s Heart.

‘The Way to the Devil’s Heart’ is, of course, bad theology. But it’s not exactly bad psychology. It is, indeed, very difficult to be unpleasant to someone who is cheerfully serving you a piping-hot portion of properly prepared roast beef, particularly if they are being generous about the crust. It’s just so petty. And nobody likes to think of themselves as being petty.


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Patreon Microfiction: The Actual Magery Involves Slide Rules.

The oddity of ‘The Actual Magery Involves Slide Rules’ is, I don’t know who are the better guys. I mean, ‘cultist’ is diagnostic – but so is ‘deliberately setting people up for fatal radiation poisoning.’ That’s not exactly nice.


Infrastructure Day today here at

I spent the day alternating between finishing up this month’s Patreon short story and applying edits to the RPG worldbook. As I said this morning, having the file makes a lot of things easier, not to mention much less expensive. So much so I might be able to adjust 2022’s print schedule a little. …Might. Haven’t worked out all the details yet.

Anyway: curiously productive day.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh! And I got a haircut.

Patreon Microfiction: Wartime Catastrophe.

There’s a longer short story embedded in ‘Wartime Catastrophe.’ A very bloody and extremely merciless one. So much so I’m not sure if I should be the one to write it: after all, when all is said and done I’m just this big pussycat…