The April Patreon stuff is up!

This was a month where I had to pick myself up by the scruff this weekend and stop messing around. Moral of the story: Fallout 4 is for people who don’t have novels to finish. Anyway!


The August Patreon Entries.

Stuff I just make up stuff about: science fiction, and warfare!

  • Short Story: Tour Of Duty. It’s amazing what people get used to. Set in the same universe as the upcoming novel GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.
  • RPG Entry: Ashes of Empire, Part 6b: The Overthrow War. The next entry will probably be the last one. This one looks at the broad details of the war, because the war itself would make for a better wargame.

FERMI RESOLUTION Short story sampler away!

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If you’re a backer for FROZEN DREAMS, you should be getting an email with a link to the short story sampler at any moment. It’s in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf form. A few things to note:

  • This sampler has been edited, but not professionally. It will be, when the stories become part of the larger short story collection that I’ll be doing after this project is over. I’ve done a few pass-throughs and had people beta-read it, but think of this as an advanced reader copy. Typos and whatnot may be present, and there may be changes later.
  • It’s thus not commercially available. This is the only place you’re going to be able to read the original short story until I do the full collection (which will have at least one more original story in it).
  • If there are any issues, let me know!

And that’s mostly it. Next up: the books! They’re supposed to arrive any day now.

Call for Beta Readers (Short Story Sampler)

I got six short stories that need to be read and critiqued. Well, actually I have quite a few more, but these are the ones that are going to be part of the Kickstarter short story sampler, so they’re higher priority. For each of them I need an idea of what worked, what didn’t, and what needs fixing; and I need them gone over in the next three to four weeks. If this sounds interesting, let me know and I’ll send ’em on over.

Thanks in advance and don’t worry if this isn’t your sort of thing.

The House, Part 31/31

It is done. 8,287 words, if you’re curious.

If you think you understand power, you do not. If you know that you understand power, then you still do not, but at least you have the self-confidence needed to push your way through when your understanding fails. In the end, it is about somehow surviving when forces beyond your comprehension manifest.  If doing that require a lie, well, that is much more commendable than using blood.

Poor Wayne and his people would have used an imaginatively cobbled-together ‘ritual’ to free the Owl from the house.  Which is what I had done, of course; in fact, I had a copy of one written up, on the off chance that the cultists had been truly foolish and simply murdered me on the spot .  The difference between me and them was that I was self-aware enough to know that all rituals are meaningless, and that what really mattered was intent.  My intent was to free the Owl, without wrecking the neighborhood.

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The House, Part 30/x.

Wayne frowned. “That was easy,” he said.

One of his cultists stirred. “Too easy,” she said. “There’s some kind of trick going on.”

This time I did laugh, if only to see them wince. “Very well.  I will not do the ritual, then.  I assume someone will take these handcuffs off before you all leave?  It is not like I invited any of you here.”

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