The February Patreon stuff is up!

I genuinely thought that the Not-Covid Plague ripping through the house this week would make me have to take an extra day, but no. Thank goodness; that way lies trouble.

As always: back!

The January Patreon stuff is up!

It is a measure of this week that I wrote that out originally as ‘December.’

The December Patreon stuff is up!


  • Fiction: TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN. Timmy! Another heartwarming Christmas tale about my favorite wicked child! I shouldn’t enjoy writing these, but I do.
  • RPG Material: HEX NATION, PART 4: INDIAN COUNTRY. It would appear that the things historians want to record about Native American tribes are not the same things that I want them to record about Native American tribes. I’m not sure whose fault that is.

The November Patreon stuff is up!

Getting that short story out was like pulling teeth. I mean, it’s been in my damn hard drive for years. I just needed enough spite and aggravation to finally finish it.

  • Short Story: Walk Away. Because “Thus Do I Refute Omelas” as a title was possibly just a little too on the nose. I knew going in that you’re not supposed to write polemics, only I decided that I just didn’t give a damn.
  • RPG Material: Hex Nation, Part 3b: Shattered Mexico. I actually didn’t consider the balance there until I sat down to write it, but I think it works fairly well.

Onward to December!

The October Patreon stuff is up!

Huzzah. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, so expect a bunch of updates on Patreon next month.

The August Patreon stuff is up!

A little early, because… I don’t know why because. Unless it’s so that I’m not distracted from GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND edits.

  • Short story: ANALOG, Chapter 1. This is going to be the next NaNoWriMo project, and takes as its theme “What would the Cthulhu Mythos be like if it was written by Doc E.E. Smith?”
  • RPG material: Hex Nation, Part Two (A): Book Magic. You can’t do a fantasy alt-history Western RPG unless you establish what the magic can and can’t do. Also: you might very well think that this is written with GURPS 4e in mind – but I couldn’t possibly comment.