Creature Seed: Speebras.


Description: take a standard Grevy’s zebra, and make its stripes horizontal instead of vertical. Its legs and head are noticeably more muscular and bony than a regular zebra’s, too. Do not approach a speebra without protective gear.

Top speed: 95 mph burst, 40 mph cruising.

It is unclear why there is such a specific and sudden mutation among the wild Grevy’s zebra population. Possibly it’s because they’re endangered: evolution sometimes moves in mysterious ways. Mother Nature might have simply decided that more than doubling the speebra’s speed might help more of them survive to breed.

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Item/Group Seed: Nega-Ohio.


Strictly speaking, the name is N’Gh O’Yiehrh, and that’s as close as humanity can get to the correct pronunciation, thank God. Literally. Species that can pronounce it properly tend to develop nasty personality disorders. ‘Nega-Ohio’ works well enough as a use-name; inhabitants of it are typically referred to as ‘Interlopers,’ or ‘the Unwelcome’ if somebody’s feeling vaguely pompous.

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Getting some critical editing for the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG!

Not as much editing as I would like for it, but the most important bits are going to get professionally proofed and pared down. I’m now hammering out the details of the art. With any luck, I could have the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG supplement ready for layout by November! Which would be awesome*.

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CDPR hires them some modders.

Seems like a good call:

Developer CD Projekt Red has scooped up some modders to help the team iron out Cyberpunk 2077 backend issues and work on official mod support.

The news comes by way of Twitch streamer and YouTuber Tyler McVicker, who spotted in a Discord server that the Budapest-based custom development studio Yigsoft will be joining CD Projekt Red’s ranks. Yigsoft is best known for the open-source tool WolvenKit, which allowed modders to edit any file in CDPR titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3.

If there’s a game that could profit from an extensive mod library, it’s CYBERPUNK 2077. Note: I am not slamming the game. I had a lot of fun playing it. I’m ready to play it some more, once I have more missions to muck about with. I’m only gonna get that from a vibrant modding experience. So hire away, guys.

Item Seed: Deorderant.


Description: available in either solid or spray form. Odorless, but tastes slightly of peppermint. Deorderant can be easily transported (it’s highly stable under earth-like conditions), but any attempts to label the canisters the stuff is stored in will rapidly fail.

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