Something that I’m working on.

It’s not going to be something that I’m working on here, though. There’s a group of Patreon creators that I’m hanging with, and we were talking about doing a collaborative project. I had a thought of a Cozy Halloween piece, so rejoice! This is part of my creative vision, which will absolutely not survive the feedback process. Nor do I want it to, but if I can keep the broad outlines I’ll be happy.

Note: this isn’t true alternate history. Also note: this absolutely draws from anime and animation. Well-spotted!

The Songs of the Spellbound Sea Kickstarter.

Specifically, Songs of the Spellbound Sea: Nautical Adventures for 5E! No AI art and I’m pretty sure they’re not using Chinese slave labor. A pretty good dude from my Patreon RPG weekly Zoom-up (or whatever we call them) is involved in the project, and he knows how I feel about that stuff. Besides, the turnaround time is definitely not taking ‘ship this from China to England and the US’ into consideration. Plus, I told him that they should have little dinosaur parrot-equivalents for the ‘dinosaur jungle’ stretch goal, and he might even actually bring that up.

I figure, all in all, it’s at least worth a digital backing. Especially the entire idea of pirates + dinosaurs. That’s gaming gold. GOLD, JERRY!

I now have a verified account on DriveThruRPG!

It mostly means that I’m now able to publish stuff there without having to wait for it to get approved first. There’s also some perks that I’m still working out the implications of. There isn’t a manual for this sort of thing.

Anyway! If you’ve been on the fence about buying my TTRPG stuff, well. I’m verified! That’s as good an excuse as any.

The May Patreon stuff is up!

That story didn’t want to gel, for the longest time. Finally did, though.

Perilous Locales is off for @DriveThruRPG’s review!

It should be ready in a couple of days. Alas, Perilous Locales is probably the last of the low-hanging fruit. Relatively low-hanging fruit, at that. Everything else is stuff that would require actual, you know, playtesting and so forth.

This isn’t really a complaint: I did this at least partially to get my head around doing something with DriveThruRPG. I consider this phase of the experiment to be a success…

Moe Lane

PS: Buy the first two here!

Got a tentative title (PERILOUS LOCALES) and cover for the new DriveThruRPG thing.

Working title is PERILOUS LOCALES. Text is done, working on illustrations, probably going to have a talk with my kids about positioning of the image and so forth. I figure I’ll have it done by next week. Keep watching the skies!

Tweet of the Day, You’d Have To Play It Totally Straight edition.

It won’t work unless you play it totally straight.