So, Osprey Publishing is in the gaming business now.

I apologize in advance for the future state of your wallets. But it makes a good deal of sense, really. Lots of gamers buy Osprey’s military books. Lots of wargamers buy their books. Osprey has clearly decided that they should just eliminate the middleman and sell wargames to their existing clientele directly.

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The TRAIL OF CTHULHU Humble Bundle.

This is a good deal. I’m only not grabbing it because I pretty much have all of these in print already. If you haven’t tried the game yet, I recommend picking this up, then decide if you’ll be doing the ToC Second Edition Kickstarter as well…

Second edition TRAIL OF CTHULHU is coming.

November Kickstarter, if it all works out.

No drastic changes to the rules, but they’re cleaning them up, updating the campaign setting frames and creating a new introductory adventure. It’s definitely something to look forward to. I wonder if they’ll need playtesters…

The August Patreon stuff is up!

A little early, because… I don’t know why because. Unless it’s so that I’m not distracted from GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND edits.

  • Short story: ANALOG, Chapter 1. This is going to be the next NaNoWriMo project, and takes as its theme “What would the Cthulhu Mythos be like if it was written by Doc E.E. Smith?”
  • RPG material: Hex Nation, Part Two (A): Book Magic. You can’t do a fantasy alt-history Western RPG unless you establish what the magic can and can’t do. Also: you might very well think that this is written with GURPS 4e in mind – but I couldn’t possibly comment.


Behold! The ARKHAM INVESTIGATOR’S WALLET PROP SET, complete with adventure for using said wallet. The impressive thing about this? There’s tons of stuff in it that is not used in the provided adventure. You can customize this item for your own scenarios (they have a website where you can download printable PDFs of many of the blank items). Very nifty, and going to be my next con game.

It hardly needs to be said that the production values and attention to detail are up to the HPL Historical society’s usual high standards, but I’ll say it anyway.

The HYPERBOREA 3E Bundle of Holding.

I am mildly surprised that I missed HYPERBOREA 3E when it hit Kickstarter. It is extremely retro, all the way back to pre-AD&D D&D, and deep into Lovecraft, Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, etc, etc, etc. Thirteen bucks seemed like a reasonable price, especially since all the artwork is likewise going to be a nostalgia-driven return to your childhood, when all the gamebooks had staples and colored illustrations were a pointless luxury in the interior pages. Check it out.

The raw file for the SECRET WORLD LEGENDS TTRPG is available to Kickstarter backers.

If you backed the SECRET WORLD LEGENDS Kickstarter, check your email. You should have a gotten a link to the raw text. There’s no art, no layout, just words; I’ve been flipping through, and it looks pretty good so far. I’m wondering if they’re going to be statting the PC that I paid to have show up in the game*; it’d be interesting to see what her level actually is. Personally, I’ve always felt that I play one of the single most okay characters in that MMO, but it’d be nice to have that confirmed.

Moe Lane

*I’ve seen the artwork for Morganey (my aforementioned character), but I can’t wave it around yet. Star Anvil Studios asked me not to until they’re closer to production.