The BROKEN TALES dark fairy tale RPG Kickstarter.

The premise of BROKEN TALES is you’re playing a former villain of a classic fairy tale, made good by a young boy’s wish. And do we know what happens when you wish, in a fairy tale? Yup: everything promptly goes to Hell. Guess what happened to all the heroes of the fairy tales?

Anyway, BROKEN TALES looks fun, and I checked with the publisher: they’re working under the expectation that it’ll be ethically sourced (i.e., not printed by the PRC). I have having to ask about this stuff, but what are you gonna do? It’s never going to get any better if we don’t make it clear that some costs can’t be honorably cut.

Got in a game of FENG SHUI 2 today.

Via Discord: the GM was my best man at my wedding, and I was his at his. I’m playing the Killer archetype, heroic version. Which means, apparently, that I’m not killing mooks and am at least trying to convince the named bad guys to reform before I shoot them in the head.

I also informed the GM that I didn’t care what my character sheet said: no self-respecting Killer Feng Shui character would ever use any autoloader handgun besides Mr. Browning. I mean. The very idea.

Bundle of Holding now offering permanent starter RPG packs.

These are PDF starter packs, mind you: and Bundle of Holding seems to be offering them at a 25% discount from list price, instead of their usual super-sale. But the offers don’t expire, either. I recommend NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS and TRAIL OF CTHULHU, obviously. Fourth Edition CHAMPIONS… actually, I’m not sure about 4th ed. I think I skipped between Second and Fifth editions, there. Certainly it’s been a while since I did any Hero System games…

The end-of-April Patreon posts are up!

This month we have:

  • THE ELMERITE ORDER, PART 8 AND LAST: A new campaign world starts next month. Haven’t decided what it’s going to be, yet. Anyway, this month is the last installment, discussing campaigns in this Mage-but-the-Technocracy’s-not-horrible-esque campaign world.
  • PICKMAN’S MODEL: My shameless companion piece to the original! Edited, expanded, and improved for… something. Something to be discussed soon. Keep watching the skies!

Good game tonight.

But GMing dreamscapes is hard. The problem isn’t thinking up weird things; it’s describing them. Especially when the iconography that makes sense to me doesn’t make sense to everybody else, or sometimes anybody else. I’m not entirely sure that I properly considered the inherent difficulties of this In Nomine campaign, honestly.

Well, at least we’re having fun.

FnordCon this weekend!

Technically starts tonight at 7 PM Eastern, but all the events are tomorrow. Via Discord: I’m going to see if I can make the GURPS panel tomorrow. Ironically, I may have a scheduling conflict, because I’ll be running In Nomine

BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS reprint available at Chaosium.

Link here (I’ve already ordered mine). AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS is a reprint, not an update: the module uses the Call of Cthulhu 5.5 rules, but they offer conversion advice for 7.0 campaigns. Hardest hit: the folks trying to sell old copies for three hundred bucks.

Heh. Reminds me of why Steve Jackson Games reprinted GURPS Imperial Rome. IIRC, somebody on the forums came on and started bragging about how he managed to score a copy of the first edition for a ‘mere’ hundred bucks or so. Steve Jackson took careful note about how many people were enviously congratulating him, then went ahead and did another print run…