The Extremely Dangerous SPACE 1889: AFTER TTRPG Kickstarter.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. This is bad. This is very, very bad. I did not need to be told about SPACE 1889: AFTER.

That’s seventy bucks for a copy of the game, that is. I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve already blown my Christmas money on something else, too. Still, an updated version of the game… no. No, no, no, no, no.

Can’t decide on my new D&D character.

It’s a surprisingly hard question. Basically, we’re doing Spelljammer, so I can either bump up my existing character (half-orc NG cleric of Tyr) to fifth level, or start a new character. If I play a new character, it will absolutely be a giff with mirrorshades, a long leather coat, and as many firearms as I can carry*. On the other hand, my cleric is in the habit of trying to tell the good news of Tyr to every entity that can talk back, and it’s been working surprisingly well so far (it’s also funny).

So I’m stuck: cool old character, or cool new character. Thoughts? Note that fifth level is where my cleric can start getting access to third level spells and just vaporize weak enough Undead, which is nice.

Moe Lane


*Giff are large humanoids with hippo heads and advantage on Strength checks, so they can carry a lot of guns.

Question I’m asking myself: should I Kickstart a DriveThruRPG version of the Fermi Resolution RPG?

I had a consultation with a guy in the industry – like, a paid one and everything – and based on we discussed I could probably swing getting the whole Fermi Resolution RPG up and running for about a grand. Do it through DriveThruRPG, sell it for $15B&W/$25 color. It’s mostly done, and the remaining steps aren’t insurmountable.

The problem is: I’ve already distributed a working copy of the game to my Kickstarter backers (I’d make sure they got clean PDFs of the finished version), so I don’t know if it would fund. I also don’t know how many I’d sell, although honestly having it on the vendor table would be useful in other ways. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?

Coming soon: Robin Laws’s FIFTH IMPERATIVE.

Robin Laws’s FIFTH IMPERATIVE is the sequel to THE MISSING AND THE LOST, which is one the best damn books you’ll never be able to find on The book is set in a world where a dictator tainted with the Yellow Sign took power, and formed an Imperial Dynasty that ruled America for a century before it was overthrown and replaced by a democratic government; if that sounds a lot like one of the settings in Pelgrane Press’s THE YELLOW KING RPG, that’s because it is. The new book isn’t out yet, but the first one is really cool. So’s the game. Check them out.


Just signed up for Fright Reads 2023.

The table fees went up… and down. They went up in the sense that I’m paying more; but Fright Reads 2023 will be a two day event (September 30 – October 1, 2023). It’s the same venue as before (Benfield Sports Center in Millersville, MD), but if they have comparable foot traffic both days that they did at the last one, I should do even better out of the deal.

Obviously, this means that I need to have GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND ready by September, if I didn’t have enough reasons already. I might… also need to get another project finished by then. I’m debating on whether to do it, because it’d involve doing a Kickstarter to get the funds in time. I don’t have to decide this month, though.