The March Patreon stuff is up!

I had to abandon a story with ten days to go, then finish another one that I abandoned a while back, and I know that this breaks a bunch of writing rules, supposedly. And yet, there’s a short story up. So I don’t know how you score that.


  • Short Story: DOCTOR RYPMAW’S METHOD. This rather badly wanted to be cosmic horror, but I wasn’t having any of that.
  • RPG Material: THE RESURGANCE, PART 1. We’re starting a new RPG setting! This one is more or less in the superhero genre. Also, it’ll be designed to be deliberately unstable! Whee!

Thanks for reading!

Patreon Microfiction: “It’s *Sort* of Humane.”

…Which is to say, dumping your undesirables into another timeline, naked, is not really humane at all*. I can’t imagine that the people living on the other side of “It’s Sort of Humane” enjoy being that first timeline’s dumping grounds, either. Well, that’s what they get for not inventing dimensional travel.

Moe Lane

*Honestly, this is a very grim piece. It’s just that all of the assumptions about what kind of worlds are involved are in my head, mostly because I didn’t want to inflict that particular bit of worldbuilding on the rest of you.

Patreon Microfiction: ‘Fine Terran Craftmanship.’

Perhaps ‘Fine Terran Craftmanship’ is simply pro-Browning propaganda. But perhaps we should be unsurprised if, once we are out and about the stars, alien collectors flock to our planet to acquire M1911A1s and Avtomat Kalashnikovas in the same way that we will go to theirs to find guaranteed authentic Altarian needle-pistols and flame-spears. Some aesthetics might be universal.

Patreon Microfiction: “Flee The Charnel Ship!”

Well, something was bothering me when I wrote “Flee The Charnel Ship!” – but I’m blessed if I remember what it was. Although that might be the DST talking. It’s hitting real hard this morning, for some reason.

The February Patreon stuff is up!

I genuinely thought that the Not-Covid Plague ripping through the house this week would make me have to take an extra day, but no. Thank goodness; that way lies trouble.

As always: back!

Patreon Microfiction: Cosmic Horror Shouldn’t Be This Dull.

Yeah. Cosmic horror shouldn’t be this dull. And yet, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be, is there? That’s the entire point of an indifferent cosmos that doesn’t care in the slightest about how you feel about things; sometimes you’re not even allowed the dignity of having bad things inexorably happen to you.

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I was given the very useful advice today to remind people to sign up to things like my Substack, which functions much like a mailing list and definitely does allow people to keep track of what I’m doing professionally as a writer. And my Patreon hungers for backers! So. Substack! Patreon! Both full of useful stuff!

Patreon Microfiction: ‘Ghost From The Machine.’

There’s a tacit agreement in place, in the ‘Ghost From The Machine’ universe: you don’t ask scientists about why you need one particular bit of android to transfer consciousness and memory, and scientists don’t feel obligated to make a fuss over the entire thing. This is just something that happens. It’s a Mystery, everybody accepts it, and gets on with the war.

Patreon Microfiction: “The Girl With the Sensible Boots.”

So, I took a look at “The Girl With the Sensible Boots,” and decided that it could make a suitable short story. So I made it into one. You can find it here.