07/30/21 Update, July Patreon Pledge Drive. (There’s never been a better time!)

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and a Saturday, which means the trifecta:

  • A short story!
  • The latest installment of the current RPG setting!
  • Microfiction!

Sign up today, and get it all tomorrow! Only a buck a day!


July Patreon Pledge Drive, Looking for Beta Readers edition.

I’ve gotten my next chapbook (DECISIONS) to a spot where I can unleash the beta readers upon it. Let me know if you’re interested — and feel free to sign up for my Patreon, where these stories typically originate. At least one every month! RPG material, too. Quite the bargain at $1 a month.


07/15 Update, July Patreon Pledge Drive (with added linky action!)

My Patreon did not burn down, fall over, then sink into the swamp. After the rest of today, I am counting that as a legitimate win. But I encourage people to join my Patreon anyway. Weekly/monthly fiction and RPG writing, excellent value for a dollar a month. Alternatively, if you don’t want that kind of commitment… buy my books! My illustrated short story “Pickman’s Model: A Romance” is out this week.