July is Patreon Pledge Month, here at MoeLane.com!

So, I have a Patreon. You can find it in the link below, and it happens to be the single largest regular revenue generator I have. It’s the reason why I can *almost* publish a novel a year (I’m still in the stage of using Kickstarters to make up the difference, which is something that I’d like to phase out as soon as I practically can). Right now I’m at a point where I’m doing a short story and RPG campaign material every month, and microfiction every week. I flatter myself that the stuff is good. It’s certainly good enough that I can publish the fiction in chapbooks later without embarrassment!


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Patreon Microfiction: Unclocked.

We here at MoeLane.com are committed to a forward-thinking policy of innovation and creativity in the field of Post-Corporeal Ambulatory Terrors. Other content generation platforms might be content to continually rehash existing horror paradigms, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard. It is our privilege to showcase new exploratory subjects like “Unclocked,” and we hope to continue this tradition of service for decades to come. Remember: Moe Lane is your lane to entertainment!


Patreon Microfiction: Not Your Problem.

If ‘Not Your Problem’ is bleak, it’s uniquely so. I mean, tough luck on the infinitely future cosmos, sure. But this doesn’t sound like a particularly bad deal for us. I mean, I don’t even really remember the apartment my family had in Brooklyn.


The May Patreon entries!

Putting it up before I go back to bed. I made the mistake of buying the strawberry milk of my childhood. Apparently, my childhood had a remarkably cavalier attitude towards the mixture of whole milk, and whatever witch’s brew they use to get the strawberry flavor…


Patreon Microfiction: “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge.”

If you’re curious: the gloubari are not particularly more or less advanced than humanity is, technology-wise, so this wasn’t an imposed colony. They instead acquired the Saturn colony in a complicated land estate deal that ended with humanity picking up three rather nice terrestrial-type planets in gloubari systems in exchange. This means that both sides in “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge” are firmly convinced that they’ve robbed each other blind, which is always good for interstellar amity.


Patreon Microfiction: From BUZZ ON THE STREETS.

BUZZ ON THE STREETS is not going to be the name of the next Tom Vargas novel, but it might be the title of the next novella. It would be easier to just have Lucas already around for the next novel, after all. Hrm. Maybe I could serialize this…