The January 2023 Patreon stuff is up!

And I’m tired!

There ya go.


Patreon Microfiction: The Monkey’s Ass.

Ah, ‘The Monkey’s Ass.’ That was a week, let me tell you. We followed up that awesome Saturday with the entire house coming down with Covid – but at least we didn’t have to deal with Thanksgiving holiday traffic! …I have been very disciplined in my thinking since then.


Patreon Microfiction: Do Not Torment Happy Fun Fire.

The hidden pathos found in “Do Not Torment Happy Fun Fire” is this: you would think that nobody would have to be told, Do Not Torment Happy Fun Fire. And yet, at the same time you know that everybody has to be told, Do Not Torment Happy Fun Fire. This is the central tragedy of humanity.

Or something.


The December Patreon stuff is up!


  • Short story: Chapter 1, NO GODS BUT OURS. I really have to stop writing short stories that are actually the first chapter of novels. This one is kind of what Doc E.E. Smith might have tried to write if he had heard more about this H.P. Lovecraft fellow. What? Yes, dang straight but I’m arrogant.
  • RPG material: Artifacts, Chapter 1: Time Travel, and Why It Sucks. If you’re going to do a time travel aftermath game, you need to establish some of the rules of the original time travel.

Patreon microfiction: The Last Raid of Rocca Jack Hwinda.

The reason I haven’t written up “The Last Raid of Rocca Jack Hwinda” is because I have yet to come up with something that’s sufficiently magnificently and ridiculously awesome for him to do. You don’t waste Rocca Jack Hwinda on something that’s normally stupid. No, it has to be something that’s amazingly stupid.