Patreon Microfiction: “The Girl With the Sensible Boots.”

So, I took a look at “The Girl With the Sensible Boots,” and decided that it could make a suitable short story. So I made it into one. You can find it here.

Book of the Week: Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower.

Sorry, it was a long day and not a very productive one. Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is on 99 cent sale this week in Kindle, and happens to be less than four bucks on paperback. The Kickstarter for Vol 2 is also going live in two days. Every little bit, as they say, helps.


Call for action: my new Kickstarter! (TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION, Vol 2)

It starts in five days! Click here or here to sign up for notifications for when my second round of post-apocalyptic fantasy stories in a future America gone mad with magic goes live!

If you’re not sure whether this series is right for you, my books FROZEN DREAMS and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION, Vol 1 are both available on Kindle, for a mere three bucks each.

Check them out today! And check out the Kickstarter, too!


Just signed up for RisuCon!

RisuCon is a “comic, anime, and cosplay convention in Montgomery County, Maryland” that’s going on August 17th and 18th, 2024. I think that I can sell a book or two, there. Well, obviously I would prefer to sell at least twenty. Comic-cons are usually pretty good venues for me, so here’s hoping!

Moe Lane

PS: Can’t wait? Buy my books! …For real. I gotta pay table fees in advance.

The December Patreon stuff is up!


  • Fiction: TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN. Timmy! Another heartwarming Christmas tale about my favorite wicked child! I shouldn’t enjoy writing these, but I do.
  • RPG Material: HEX NATION, PART 4: INDIAN COUNTRY. It would appear that the things historians want to record about Native American tribes are not the same things that I want them to record about Native American tribes. I’m not sure whose fault that is.

I hit a nice, divisible-by-ten milestone in Amazon sales today!

I have sold 850 books on Amazon since I have started this entire self-published fiction thing! That number includes books and e-books, but doesn’t include thing like “Pickman’s Model” and the Kindle Vella short stories*. 243 books per year (I started about halfway through 2020) sold through Amazon… isn’t too bad, honestly. I want to thank who has ever taken a chance on my stuff. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Bad news: many of my paperbacks are going up in price next year.

I don’t actually want that to happen, obviously. But, thanks to inflation, costs are up, and prices have to go up to compensate. FROZEN DREAMS is going to stay the same price in paperback, but prices on some of the others are going to get raised to be more in line with GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND‘s.

Yeah, I’m not happy about it, either. Honestly, I should raise the prices of all my novels to $14.99, but my head’s not there yet. But it may be, soon, so now is the time to buy my books at the cheaper rates…


One more day to help me reach a milestone for October Amazon sales!

I know people aren’t supposed to discuss money or sales, but I think that’s because they’re embarrassed to admit it when they need more of either. But why lie? Ten more bucks in sales this month lets me break three figures in online income. Seventy more bucks and I’m at over two grand income for lifetime sales on Amazon. Two hundred, and I do better than I did last year (it was a rough first and second quarter).

So… tell all your friends about my books! Shoot, tell your rivals and frenemies if you think it’ll help. I write good stuff, and I’m not too proud to say it.