Back from Galactic Con!

Short version: very useful information was gathered and I sold enough books to make back my table fee. Actually doing it gave me some insights on the entire process, I got a bunch of business cards and hopefully new readers out of it, and I now appreciate the value of art in a display. Notes were taken. Lessons were learned. I had a good time.

And man, but I am tired.

Moe Lane

PS: My Amazon site is here, in case somebody’s using one of those business cards to check me out now.

Check out my Author Interview on NFReads! (I am happy to do interviews.)

Found here. NFReads emailed me a couple of days ago to offer to do the online interview thing, and since I’m always happy to talk about myself, I agreed right away. It was fun, actually. The nice thing about being asking questions is that sometimes your answers surprise you, if only because you didn’t quite realize you had specific opinions on certain topics.

Anyway, check it out:

The “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model'” Kickstarter is moving along.

We have funded, and are on our way to the first stretch goal! I currently have two in mind, and I’m going to worry about a third one when the second one is reached. I’m pretty confident about hitting the first one, at least. Besides, this is still the first week.

That being said: tell your friends! Heck, tell your enemies if you’ll think it’ll help. Well, maybe not enemies — but rivals would be fine, surely.

I have a Patreon , not a Substack, and it’s close to a new tier.

Frank Fleming‘s setting up a free Substack for his science fiction stuff, and that’s sensible of him: when you self-publish, you gotta do your own advertising. Yay. I’m not doing a Substack, though, because I already have a Patreon and it’s pretty close to the next tier (weekly serial fiction installments).

The link is below. Please note that I am not asking for people to up their pledges: I have a $1 buy-in, because I’d rather have ten people giving me a buck a month than one person giving me ten. Also note that I’ve revamped the goals and added some different writing samples. Send the link to your friends!


Moe Lane

TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is now live on Kindle Unlimited!

Print version to follow. TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is a collection of short stories set in the same universe as FROZEN DREAMS, which means they’re all post-apocalyptic fantasy stories: there’s a Tom Vargas novelette in there (which is completely separate from TINSEL RAIN. the sequel to FROZEN DREAMS) and a self-contained story from MORGAN BAROD (which is the next book scheduled for publication). Plus a bunch of others which I hope you will like. Check it out!

Moe Lane