MD Renn Festival today!

It’s very exciting. No, seriously, I haven’t done a bookselling/signing thing in months. And I’ve got three more in the next two months, so clearly I need to work on my grouping.

For anyone attending the Festival today: I’ll be at Page After Page from 11 to 5. To anyone not attending: my books can be found here. Either way, check it all out!

Now is the time to buy my books, or read them on KU, because things may change soon.

I don’t particularly want to raise prices. I was happy with the $2.99/$4.99 price points for e-books, $12.99 for paperbacks (which has already been discarded, going forward), and keeping my stuff on Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, I don’t run global economic policy, and global economic policy is starting to tell me that I need more markets to compete in, and that fixed prices are going up, which means that things like editing and artwork are going up, and… well, you can work out the rest. Time to grab my books now, before costs go up.

When will this happen? Good question. GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND is going to be a test bed. When the book is ready, it’ll be going on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, plus whatever other platforms look like they’d be a good deal. And it will not be going on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle, sure. But Amazon’s going to lose its exclusivity. We’ll see how it all works out; once I have a handle on the results I’ll decide how I’m releasing my other books more widely. This is a fall and winter project, but hopefully not a 2024 one.

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I have done four successful Kickstarters, and I would LOVE to be on your podcast.

I have done four successful Kickstarters related to self-publishing. I have published three fantasy novels, one collection of short stories, five four-story chapbooks (each one with its own illustration), and several digital-only properties. I have done an audiobook. I am in the middle of publishing a science fiction-horror novel (called GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND). I know quite a bit about science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and several subsections of table-top roleplaying games. I am familiar with podcasts and phone interviews, having been on both sides of the microphone numerous times. I’m not a screaming egotist, and I’m not suddenly going to scream epithets or tell you about how the Plutonian brain-worms are responsible for higher gas prices. I think well on my feet, I don’t panic on the air, and I’m never, ever sick at sea*.

You want me in your book-related podcast. You need me in it. You can reach me at moe <at> moelane dot com. Or bug me on Facebook, or Twitter**.

Moe Lane

*”What, never? No, never! What, never? …Well. Hardly ever…”

**I’m aware what Elon Musk wants me to call it.

Book of the week: COVENANTS.

As I have been making increasingly obvious over the last week, a story from the universe of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND (“Tour of Duty”) can be found in my chapbook-with-illustrations COVENANTS. My biggest chapbook to date, too! I’ve been writing longer short stories lately.

Four tales of agreements! Follow along as MARIE VISITS THE CONTINENT, on a mission of delicacy, and monsters. Sally forth with Duchess Carlotta into a zombie-haunted world as she takes THE QUEST FROM CASTLE WINDERMERE. Go on a TOUR OF DUTY in the interstellar spaces between charnel worlds. And lastly, discover with our horrified narrator that, after long, long years… THE STARS ARE WRONG. Enjoy! (Four stories, fifty eight thousand words total, each with its own illustration.)

Moe Lane



I know, cheesy: but TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is going on sale next week. …Yeah, I don’t know why I’m admitting that. I may just be too honest for my own darn good. But check out the books!

Moe Lane

PS: I do have a tentative plan for a second volume of this. I need to get the new novel squared away first, though.


So, I had a root canal this morning. Buy my books!

…I’m going to blame that title on the endorphins. To misquote somebody or other, there is nothing quite so thrilling as finishing up a procedure where they go deep into your tooth to get all the nerves — and realizing that there was no pain during the procedure. Truly, the state of the art has improved greatly since the days of my youth: back then, ‘root canal’ was a pretty good analogy for ‘torture.’ Or possibly just a euphemism.

Still: buy my books! Root canals are also way cheaper than they used to be, but they still ain’t cheap.

Moe Lane

PS: Posting may still be weird today. I have no idea how I’m going to be feeling when the local anesthesia wears off.



Now you know inflation is bad: it’s slopping onto Amazon, which can normally absorb stuff like that. The book cost increase is gonna happen a month from now, and I won’t lie: the per-book hit isn’t horrible. It’ll still be kind of painful in the aggregate, though, so if you were planning to buy my books — or someone else’s self-published books — now is the time to do that.