Weekend Highlight: My Short Story Collection TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (Buy it!)

I need to do posts like this more often. As in, every week. Advertising doesn’t happen on its own!

Anyway, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is a collection of short stories from my post-apocalyptic fantasy series the… Fermi Resolution*. It’s nine centuries’ worth of adventure, exploration, fighting, scheming, and general derring-do, and attractively priced, to boot! For Tom Vargas fans, there’s a prequel to FROZEN DREAMS in here; and if you haven’t read MORGAN BAROD yet, there’s an adventure from that book in this collection.

Check it out today!

*Which tries to answer the eternal question about alien civilizations: Where the Hell is everybody? My answer is, Alien cultures discover magic, and promptly blow themselves up. Imagine what would happen if eight billion people woke up and discovered that they could download spells via their smartphones. Go ahead. Imagine.


Book of the Week: Tales From The Fermi Resolution, Volume 1 (it’s on sale!).

As God is my witness, I’m as surprised as you are. Amazon decided to sell Tales From The Fermi Resolution for four bucks and twenty-four cents. I have no idea why that number, nor do I care: my cut remains intact. So now is the time to get that book in print! Hell, buy ten and hand them out as Christmas presents. Or buy a hundred, and hand them out on Halloween. Now is the time to take advantage of Amazon’s desperation…


I must now do the socially awkward thing where I remind people to buy my books!

It does feel socially awkward. But! Buying my books makes me money. I use the money to pay for publishing more books. That gives people more of my books to read. It then follows that people who like my books should tell other people to buy my books, so that they can feed their own my-books habit. Helping out with that is clearly more important than my own personal feelings.

So, yeah. Buy my books! Or tell somebody else to buy my books! That works, too.

The Moe Lane Halloween Chapbook sale ends tomorrow!

So now is the time to pick up all four of my chapbooks (ANAGNORISIS, REVISIONARY, DECISIONS, and DUTIES) while they’re still on 99 cent sale! Four stories (a mix of spooky, horror, and fantasy) in each book (32K words total per book, more or less), each with its own illustration. Sale ends Saturday! Pick them up now, tomorrow, whenever, as long as you pick them up!


It’s Labor Day Weekend! Buy my books! Read them at the beach!

Or, you know, read them wherever. I’m not fussy about things like that. The important thing is that you improve your life, and my life, by buying my books. You do have an essential regard for yourself, right? You want to be happy, don’t you? Because it’s all right for you to be happy. If somebody’s told you that it’s not, I think you should look at their lives. I think that you’ll find that those lives are full of anger, and pettiness, and endless drama. Doesn’t it sound nicer to not be like that kind of person?

(And if you can’t do it on your own, it’s okay to go to some kind of therapy about it. I understand that you don’t want to get addicted to it, or anything, but that just means you have to be careful. You can get addicted to painkillers, too — but if you’ve just had surgery, you’re not any less of a person for temporarily needing the painkillers. If you have bad vision, you’re not any less of a person for needing to wear glasses. And if you have trauma or issues that you can’t treat on your own, you’re not any less of a person for using a professional to direct your mental recovery.)

Moe Lane

PS …Err, right. Buy my books for Labor Day! Or, you know, anything else that’s both ethical, and makes you happy.