Now is the time to read *and review* GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND!

The print version of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND is off for review, and hopefully it’ll be approved in the next couple of days. Equally hopefully, I’ll have copies for Doxacon. In the meantime: once you’re done with the book, don’t forget to review it on Amazon and Goodreads! Reviews (and ratings) are the lifeblood of modern authors. The more there are, the more interest is taken in the book. The more interest is taken, the better the sale numbers — which is how you get authors to get more books published. ‘Tis the Circle of Print, although hopefully with fewer dead zebra.

Moe Lane

GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND now available for Kindle pre-order!

It drops Saturday. Just in time for Fright Reads!

Science Fiction! Horror! Adventure!

Something murdered the Galaxy. There was no warning, no explanation, and no mercy… except for humanity. Humans were the only sapients spared, and nobody knows why. Now Earth and her colonies gingerly explore the Tomb Worlds, picking through the ruins of dead civilizations for answers, or at least treasures. The researchers sent out can bring back wonders. If they survive.

Pamela Tanaka is the Chief Pilot for a research outpost on the terrifyingly comfortable world of One-Eighteen, and she is precisely where she wants to be. But when madness, murder, and mass sacrifice profane her chosen home, she must search for answers on her own – but not “before it’s too late.” Everybody who goes to the Tomb Worlds knows ‘too late’ has already come and gone.

You can pre-order GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND here.


Just got back the second and final round of edits on GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. My editor informed me that there were parts of it that she wished she hadn’t read before bed, so I’m going to score that as a good omen for a science fiction horror novel. I plan to spend the rest of the evening burning through them, and making what changes were necessary. They should just be hyphenation, typos, and my personal nemesis: semicolons. Although it’s a relief to just let a copyeditor flag those.

Now comes the processing work. I will not have the book ready for Fright Reads, but I might be able to get the Kindle version published by then. Thoughts on doing that, or waiting until the paperback is proofed to release the book? I already know that GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND will not be on Kindle Unlimited. I want to see what the alternate revenue streams look like on this one.

Busy couple of days either way.

Up to Chapter 6 on the GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND pass-through!

It’s going much faster, because thankfully typos and flaws do not actually breed when you’re not looking. That’s just a myth that writers tell people because we don’t want to explain that staring at text is hard. It’s particularly hard when you have to force yourself to remember the text that you’re staring at is not necessarily the text that you have in your head…

Anyway, the pass-through continues. Soon I will have a good idea of a release date. Soon.

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COVENANTS: FOUR TALES OF AGREEMENTS has a story set in the same science fiction / horror universe (“Tour of Duty”) as my upcoming novel GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. Also check out “Notes from the 2078 United Nations Antarctic Archaeological Survey” on Kindle Vella. Between the two, you should be able to get a feel for the world of the novel. Also, I get money. Win-win!

First set of edits for GHOST ON AN ALIEN WIND are in the can!

Queue the excited gibbering and meeping. I still have to go into the first chapter and punch it up considerably, which I will do… tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds good. Brain tired needs foods.

After that, I send GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND back to my editor for another quick pass-through, just to catch whatever typos we missed the first time. After that… crap, it’ll be time to publish another book. This will be my fourth novel. Fancy that.


Got some more chapters edited on GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

And I think I fixed a bit of a problem that the editor was flagging with it, in a way that neither bugged me, nor demanded an entire rewrite of a couple of chapters. One of the problems with writing a book is that you forget sometimes what you’ve written, or you change your mind about something halfway through and forget to revise everything to reflect that. Hopefully I’ve stamped on that particular issue.

PS: Buy my books! MORGAN BAROD and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION are half off in paperback right now. I dunno why, either.