They’re remaking THE LOST BOYS. Whee.

Too soon, my friends, too soon. As in, everybody still remembers how good THE LOST BOYS was. A remake is just going to be glaringly awkward:

Warner Bros. is moving forward with a feature film reboot of the classic 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys. The reimagining will star Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) and Jaeden Martell (It). That’s a talented young cast, but there’s no information on who they’ll be playing in the film.

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…Dear God. TRIPLETS just might be stupid enough to work.

I mean. Everything about TRIPLETS is dumb: the concept, the conceit, the fact that both of the original leads from TWINS are old now, the fact that they couldn’t get Eddie Murphy… everything.

The film’s sequel, titled Triplets, will reportedly enlist the help of Tracy Morgan to play a third and long list sibling of both Schwarzenegger and DeVito. The script for the film will be written by Dylan Dawson & Lucas Kavner, with production scheduled to begin in January in Boston. The film was initially supposed to star Eddie Murphy, but Reitman mentioned that following his recent success with Coming 2 America, he was too busy to join the film.

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The ‘Useful to Mine’ SNAKE EYES Honest Trailer.

I had no interest in seeing SNAKE EYES before, and I have none now.

However, the following movies (all of which were mentioned by Honest Trailers) sound interesting:

…which is itself a judgement on SNAKE EYES, huh?

Surprisingly*, COPS to be revived.

The new/old COPS is going be on streaming:

Fox Nation intends to launch a 33rd season of the show on October 1, when it will unveil four new episodes. Plans call for Fox Nation to drop a new episode of the series weekly on Friday nights. The streaming outlet will also show 15 episodes from the show’s 32nd season. As part of the launch, Fox Nation will offer a free one-year subscription to police, firefighters and emergency responders.

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The Demented HAWKEYE Christmas Disney+ trailer.

My attention… has been acquired.

GeekTyrant detected a Die Hard vibe: I can see that, but there’s also a Lethal Weapon theme going on here, because Hawkeye is visibly deciding that he’s getting Too Old For This Sh*t. I also give points for there being a Broadway musical about Captain America in the MCU, because of course there would be one. They missed a bet there, though, in not getting Chris Evans to play the actor playing Cap in the musical. Farce is its own justification.

Moe Lane

PS: Kate Bishop apparently isn’t coming into this already being perfect in every way, which is nice. “Cocky 22 year old hotshot who still needs seasoning” is a perfectly cromulent archetype for a superheroine.

I knew Christopher Nolan was working on an Oppenheimer biopic…

…but I didn’t realize he was shopping it around: “Normally, Nolan would have just worked with Warner Bros. on this, but he clearly wasn’t happy with how WarnerMedia is handling the release of their films by debuting them on HBO Max and theaters simultaneously. So, now he’s looking at other studio options.” He’s not the only director unhappy about simultaneous release, either, and who can blame them? Aside from everything else, it makes it harder to figure out who gets what money.

Relatedly: Disney’s going to release the rest of its 2021 slate in theaters only. Which is good! Now, if they’d only grow up and pay Scarlett Johansson a sufficient amount of forgive-us money for screwing up the BLACK WIDOW release.

You have two weeks to acquire enough money…

…to get in on the Australian auction of some of the vehicles from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. I’m looking at the Doof Wagon, myself. It just suits my idiom, if you know what I mean?

Via Fark.

Moe Lane

PS: If I happen not to acquire the money in time, and somebody else happens to pick it up during the sale, let me assure you: I am not too proud to accept it as a gift.

Tweet of the Day, I Hope He At Least TRIES To Do This edition.

Not that it will happen. Then again, what’s the harm in applying for the relevant permits? The worst they can do is say no.