The ‘They missed a trick’ HOT TAKE: THE DEPP/HEARD TRIAL trailer.

I didn’t watch the trial itself, so I have no urge to see HOT TAKE: THE DEPP/HEARD TRIAL. But the problem with this movie isn’t that it’s exploitative. It’s that it’s not exploitative enough. What they should have done in this movie is gotten Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to play themselves.

…Yes, I’m making light of the entire tawdry affair. Then again, so is this movie.

The THE SANDMAN Honest Trailer.

One of those where Honest Trailers had to gently nitpick because THE SANDMAN* was… you know, good. I am mildly interested about why they didn’t really mention Death at all. This show’s particular version of Death absolutely knocked it out of the park…

*Expensive? Yes. Worth it?

…Also yes.


Tweet of the Day, Committing To The Bit edition.

Yeah, you gotta use a shot like that when the universe just hands it to you.

Via @SonnyBunch.


I don’t know if I’d call THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD ‘horror.’ I mean, sure, there’s lots of zombies in it. And grave-robbing. And plenty of… bits falling off. But nothing, you know, bad is happening in it.

I dunno. Maybe they left all the ‘people getting eaten’ stuff out of the trailer. And wouldn’t that be a refreshing change…

Tweet of the Day, …Huh edition.

I wasn’t expecting much of anything out of ANDOR, but Tycho genuinely doesn’t try to sling bullsh*t about this stuff…

…and he’s just as surprised as anybody else, apparently. I might have to give this show a look, after all.

The ‘This Doesn’t Look Half Bad’ THE MIDNIGHT CLUB Netflix trailer.

I mean, THE MIDNIGHT CLUB’S got a definite vibe going. It’s always exciting when the ostensible Plucky Heroine says something like If there’s a way to save us, I’d burn the world down in a horror show. It promises that entertainingly horrific Bad Decisions are going to be made, very, very soon.

Netflix, October 7th. I may actually catch this.