So the next novel I’m working on after TINSEL RAIN will be…

…GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. This was originally a short story that I did a few months ago for my Patreon, only I think it could make for a decent novel. It is absolutely not set in the Fermi Resolution universe, but it does draw from my Unfiltered SF-horror RPG setting. I’ve put a little bit below.

God knows when it’s getting published, mind you. But at least I’ll have put in the writing for proper exploitation later.


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Picture of the Day, How DOES The Two Trees Thing Work, Anyway? edition.

I have spent forty years trying to visualize how the Light of Valinor in the Silmarillion worked. Which is why I’m not upset that they put the Two Trees together; sure, it doesn’t visualize what Tolkien was thinking, but what can? I can almost guarantee that the man did not waste a single moment on worrying about how tough some poor bastard would find it to actually put some of this stuff up on the screen.

It definitely looks pretty, though.

My new illustrated chapbook DECISIONS will have a 2021 3Q release.

Four stories, with original illustrations by Ben Fleuter. This book will stay at the $2.99 price point that I’ve established for the other chapbooks. No art yet, because that’s still in progress (I hope to have this ready in September, too, but no promises). DECISIONS will be mostly fantasy, although there is one straight-up horror story in it. Keep watching the skies! And buying my books!

My new novel MORGAN BAROD will have a September release!

I’m self-publishing, so I am comfortable saying that. September 1st, with any luck: the editing is on-schedule and the book cover art is done (and below). I’m going to be working up a rough estimate of page count this week so that I can get that information to the book cover designer, and while MORGAN BAROD is not yet available for pre-order I encourage everybody to buy my books.

So there you have it! The new novel is indeed coming. Tentative price will be $4.99 in Kindle, $12.99 in paperback. I say tentative because I have to let KDP finish crunching those numbers first.

The new ‘Wait, the first one grossed $850M?’ VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE trailer.

I figure Sony was a little surprised how VENOM racked up a very, very respectable box office score. Happy-surprised, to be sure – and they’re not taking any chances, here. VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE looks about what I expected. Which is to say: gonzo, Venom and Eddie squabbling at each other for comic relief, and Woody Harrelson chewing up the scenery, then spitting it out in bloody fragments.

Can’t wait to see it.