Deepfakes get amazing and terrifying.

How much so? Take a look.

Now take another one.

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Tweet of the Day, There’s A Proper Grasp Of Science… edition.

There’s a proper grasp of science, there’s my grasp of science, and then there’s Hollywood’s. This makes me feel so much better about the outrages I’m doing right now to the laws of physics in my latest SF-horror story…

SCA/Flogging Molly this weekend!

New baron and baroness stepping up, so everybody’s on deck to help out with that. I get to make sure everything’s set up and so on and so forth. I also expect to be out there in the parking lot, at some point. Yay.

And after that: Sunday is Flogging Molly! I have a ticket. Hopefully, I won’t be so wiped that I can’t go, but we’ll see. The good news there is, it’s just off the Green Line in DC. Getting home should be straightforward.

The JUNGLE CRUISE Honest Trailer.

I liked JUNGLE CRUISE more than Honest Trailers did, although they didn’t drip acid onto their review, or anything. I mean, it’s a big old dumb action movie and we all knew that going in. Full points for HT’s kick-in-the-groin of Disney over presumed Chinese self-censorship, mind. I hadn’t considered that, until they pointed it out.

The “Ooooooooh” THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH trailer.

This might be a Date Night movie.

Via @SonnyBunch, who has his tongue firmly in cheek for this one. I think.

Tweet of the Day, Clever Girl edition.

If you don’t think this is mildly terrifying, you haven’t had toddlers around for a while. …Hold on. I haven’t had toddlers around for a while. So why do I find this video mildly alarming?

(Via PJ Media)