Car is loaded for Galactic Con tomorrow!

Got some prints of the book cover made and a few last-minute bits of gear. Car is loaded up and ready to drive in the morning, and now I get to go to Galactic Con and… try to sell books to people I don’t know. Yay.

I assume I’ll sell something: the books are priced to go. If I unload about… half of them, I’ll break even. Not to mention the business cards and so forth I’ll be passing out. But my comfort zone, inside this is not.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, it’ll probably be fine.

The Determinedly Old-School MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATIONS trailer.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I watched a good bit of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER, because my wife loves that show. I liked it well enough. It wasn’t particularly aimed at my sub-demographic, but not everything needs to be and it wasn’t badly written. I got no beef with that series, in other words.

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And the Kickstarter’s done!

No Backerkit on this one, so if you missed out, welp, it’ll be on Kindle Unlimited eventually. We funded and to spare, which was awesome; and the extra money will make it a lot easier for me to put out the next chapbook (tentatively titled DESCISIONS) later in the season. So, it went well! A big thank you to everybody who backed.

Watched the first episode of LOKI today.

It’s good, although some people online were a little surprised by the aesthetic. The aesthetic is VERY 1970s pre-digital bureaucratic, with analog everywhere. Personally, I liked it a lot — but I also associate said aesthetic with things like CONTROL or the SCP Foundation, which means I’m expecting LOKI to dive into cosmic horror pretty quick. Guess we’ll see if I’m right!