Got back the last edits to the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG.

All I have to do now is get the last bits of art, generate a table of contents and an index, and get my layout artist to make it all pretty. Mind you: table of contents and indices are the devil themselves. So it’s gonna be pretty bare bones, methinks.

But it will also be done.

I regret to inform you that Oliver Stone is doing a JFK assassination documentary.

The good news is, it’ll be on some platform I’ve never heard of. Which is probably because of the conspiracy, too. God, can we just declassify everything, already?

…Well. Actually, it’d be helpful if they did that in, say, ten years. I plan to publish PROJECT SHIVA some time in the next four years or so, and it’d be helpful to the plot if the real* reason for the JFK assassination doesn’t get confirmed by then**. Selfish of me, but there’s nobody else out there hustling my books for me, is there?

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Tweet of the Day, Time For Another Veil-Out, Folks edition.

It’s just not good enough to do your skin-changing out of sight, these days. You have to make sure than nobody sees you enter or leave your hiding spot. Don’t let this happen to you:

H/T: @JoePCunningham.

Movie of the Week: MY COUSIN VINNY.

Added because MY COUSIN VINNY is a great movie generally, and an excellent movie whenever Marissa Tomei was on the screen. Seldom has an actress deserved her Oscar more. I also am given to understand that lawyers in general love this movie for the same reason philosophers love GROUNDHOG DAY, or linguists ARRIVAL: to wit, it ‘gets’ their chosen profession. I know everybody reading this has probably already seen MCV, but go ahead and watch it again. It’s fun.

I am starting to come to the conclusion that STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS might be… good?

It’s surprising me, too. STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS is definitely making fun of the franchise, but it’s absolutely informed mockery. And apparently done by people with an obsessive love of Star Trek, too. Emphasis on ‘obsessive:’ they’re drawing on everything they can find. Which is fine by me: this was my first show. I’m down for the deep cuts.

I will be signing MORGAN BAROD at Curmudgeon Books in TWO WEEKS! (11/06).

November 6th, 2021, from 1 PM to 4 PM. Location:

Curmudgeon Books
Marley Station Mall 7900 Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

I will be signing copies of my new post-apocalyptic fantasy novel MORGAN BAROD, and will have some of my other books, too! So stop on by! Say hi! Then BUY BUY BUY!

…Sorry about that.

My mini-review of DUNE. (See it in theaters.)

Short version: I understand that some people out there are bound and determined to pretend that there is no appreciable difference between watching a movie in theaters and watching it at home “with a good sound system*.” I feel a great and terrible pity for those people right now, because you need to watch DUNE in theaters for the first time.

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