It’s Leap Day! You must buy an indy author’s book!

…I dunno. Maybe it’ll work. Traditions have to start sometime, right? Also note that it wouldn’t count in my readers’ case here, since you’ve undoubtedly all bought at least one of my books at this point. So give me some names! If I’m gonna create this traditional on the fly, the least I can do is honor it.

Scotland the [insert rock joke here].

This is just flat-out cool.

It is, indeed, going viral. People keep asking the dude to make them one of their own. He keeps telling them that they’ll need to wait thirty years. …I approve.

Tweet of the Day, Here! Have Some Nightmare Fuel! edition.

I can come up with precisely one useful application for AI art: cosmic horror props. When you need something that hideously apes the works of man, hoping to trick your brain long enough for the trap to be sprung, AI’s gonna be your huckleberry. I mean, check this [expletive deleted] out:

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Today was a day of naps and pizza.

You know it’s bad when my wife asks me if I want a pizza for lunch. Which I absolutely did; I was sure pepperoni and greasy carbs would do me good, and danged if I wasn’t correct. Hopefully our appetites will all come back when our sinuses finally drain.

I’m actually surprised by how much I got done today.

I need to source a better merch supplier.

I’m looking at the fee structure for the very popular service I think most people use. It seems to work out to an 8% to 16% commission for the stuff I sell, with the 16% almost certainly out of my reach (if I did sell that much merch a month – and it’d have to be four figures in gross sales – I guarantee you I’d be bumped up to a higher tier anyway). This is… kind of horrible, but arguably found money at my current level. I may very well use it anyway, if only to let people buy their own fridge magnet or something.

However, if I want to have my own products to hawk at cons and stuff I’m going to need a company that isn’t (three syllables, starts with R, last two syllables rhymes with trouble). Thoughts? I understand that small batch orders cost more, but surely there are companies out there whose business model isn’t dependent on people making hasty decisions. I want merch, but I’m not desperate for it.

Tweet of the Day, I Straight-Up Respect The Con edition.

As I noted on Twitter, it’s good for people with more money than sense to give that money to artists. At worst the money will be used to indulge various personal vices, not I dunno, indirectly funding terrorism or something. …Hrm. I wonder if the dude charged for shipping?

Via @alexthechick.

Today was an unpleasant day.

About the best I can say about it is that at least the burning hot frying pan handle did not blister my hand. But that was the tenor of today. The absolute worst part? None of it was actually my fault. I know that sounds weird, but usually I can admit that I deserved at least a little of the grief I was getting . Not today! Today was totally unfair; and it wasn’t being subtle about it, either. Yay.