How the HELL do I get rid of #google_vignette in Chrome?

Shutting down pop-ups in settings does nothing. I’m also asking as a user, not a vendor. Every time I post something, the Google Vignette pops up, and then when I x it out, I backspace to the previous page. It’s very annoying, to the point that if I could get Edge to work again, I’d just switch browsers.

Tweet of the Day, When You Should NOT Seek Forgiveness Instead Of Permission edition.

To wit: when the person you’re trying to impose on can afford a metric [expletive deleted]ton of vicious attack lawyers. (Via @IMAO_)

One hopes that this is not the end of the matter.

GAAAAH the bookmarks are off-center.

I’m still going to use them, because I want to give something out besides business cards and they’re not hideous, but I have had nothing but grief from my printing jobs this year. My new business cards were likewise off-center, mostly because Staples did a rush job after losing my order in the first place. At least, I hope it was just a rush job, instead of the manager having his petty little revenge*.

Oh, well, at least I’m getting the glitches out of the way early this vending season.

Moe Lane

*It’s an academic question, since I’ll be doing my future printing business elsewhere either way. Don’t smirk at me when you screw up my order. Just… don’t.

Tweet of the Day, This Is The Face Of A Man With Nothing To Lose edition.

Oh, I’m sure he’s not really planning something. Still, the man is descended from something like virtually every crazed crowned mother[expletive deleted] that England’s ever produced, and his heir checks off the others via Charles’ first wife. If the King of Great Britain does cook off some kind of Windsor Restoration, let nobody say that we were not warned.

Speaking of dust…

…I was today years old when I learned that there’s only so much Claritin can do when you decide to dust something that hasn’t been dusted, oh, this decade. The ironic bit? I thought that when we started having cats in the house, and my lungs adjusted, that I was finally over having really severe allergic reactions. And maybe I still am! Just not, you know, today and everything.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope that every household that celebrated it had a good one. We mostly kept it low-key here at Chez Lane: my wife got her chocolate-covered strawberries, I’m taking her out for waffles as soon as the special waffle place is open this week, and I volunteered to do the filthy parts of the chores list. Oh, and my kids got their mom cards and a stuffed bear. It was a time.