It’s now officially a light content, zebra-heavy weekend posting schedule.

Got clearance to get on with things, so that’s what we’ll be doing now. Gotta run around, pick stuff up, get over to the site to help with setup, come back, find my garb for tomorrow, and get to bed earlier than is my usual wont. And after that… well, it’ll be a while before my SCA barony has another event, so I can relax.

Tweet of the Day, …Mood edition.

Via @CalebHowe. Mind you, the humpback whale didn’t actually eat them. This happened a few years ago; they’re fine. It’s still my mood this morning.

Tweet of the Day, There’s A Proper Grasp Of Science… edition.

There’s a proper grasp of science, there’s my grasp of science, and then there’s Hollywood’s. This makes me feel so much better about the outrages I’m doing right now to the laws of physics in my latest SF-horror story…

Tweet of the Day, Clever Girl edition.

If you don’t think this is mildly terrifying, you haven’t had toddlers around for a while. …Hold on. I haven’t had toddlers around for a while. So why do I find this video mildly alarming?

(Via PJ Media)

Tweet of the Previous Weekend, This Is Getting Excitingly Dull, Fast edition.

Oh, look. It was just another successful private space mission. This one happened to be manned, fully automated, and involved multiple orbits. Oh, yes, and there were the usual reusable booster and all the rest of the things SpaceX does, sure, sure.

How… prosaic.

Meh, today was a bye day.

It was a school holiday (Yom Kippur) and there were a ton of chores to do anyway. I need to figure out the best way to be on call if necessary, but sufficiently away to get work done. I suspect I’m going to end up needing to upgrade the Chromebook for that, but I’m reluctant. That’s, like, half a book’s production costs.