Yeah, I’m still not at 100% yet.

It’s not exactly the Covid; it’s the stress related to the Covid. The entire household needs to recharge its batteries after the week we’ve had. My wife in particular got stuck doing everything at once on the holiday itself, then got sick anyway.

So this is gonna be a slow week, posting-wise. Nothing to worry about, though. We’ll all snap back for the Christmas rush.

Tweet-thread of the Week, Don’t Read This If You’re Short Of Breath At The Moment edition.

Trust me on this one.

Welp, I’m down with the Plague.

It was a good run, really, but I’ve caught the Dreaded COVID-19. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Fortunately, this is 2022, not 2020, so we’re in ‘man, winter colds suck*’ territory instead of ‘I must tell you all something while I still can.’ Personally, I blame the stress of having the car almost conk out on I-95, then trying to coordinate everything.

As the above might suggest, I am neither panicking nor particularly horrified by the news. I’ve been vaccinated and boosted, which blunts the effects of this damned virus something fierce. Besides: for all I know, this is not the first time I’ve gotten the Plague. But I will be wearing a mask around the house for a while.

*Not as much as summer ones do, of course.

Holiday posting is now in effect, for my own sanity’s sake.

Tomorrow just got extremely complicated for me and my wife. As in, we may not be able to get rid of the car this week, and will instead have to tow it home and deal with various irritations involving it next week. This is not a good time to be dealing with this nonsense.

So, sure, open thread.

Welp, *my* car’s totaled.

My wife’s is fine, so Thanksgiving has not been cancelled. Anyway, that engine light thing translated to “replace the radiator, thermostat, and something else I didn’t hear because it didn’t matter at that point.” The estimated repairs, even from the place I trust, would blow through how much I was prepared to put into the car to keep it running. Now I have to figure out who to unload it on, particularly since it’d involve a tow*.

Personal anecdotes about getting rid of broken cars for money welcome.

Moe Lane

*I’d donate it, but money’s getting tighter right now**.

**I might still donate it anyway. I should eat something before I make bad decisions.