Tweet of the Day, He Knew What He Was Getting Into… edition.

…I say, let him drown.

Yes, it’s an AIRPLANE! reference. At the same time, though: this guy wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a giant hamster wheel, or die trying (if allowed to do so, he will die trying). He has attempted this on multiple occasions. I do not think he is going to stop trying. Either put him in a mental institution*, or let him go.

I will compromise to the extent of agreeing that he should put up a bond to defray the costs of collecting his corpse, assuming that he doesn’t drown in international waters. If he does drown in international waters, how is that our problem? His floating wheel-coffin will likely sink, soon enough.

Moe Lane

PS: What? No, I haven’t had my coffee yet. Why do you ask?

*Which would be more difficult than you might think, to be sure.



You know why I go to my computer guy? It’s because my computer guy doesn’t overcharge me for stuff. In this case, the guy goes, Yeah. That’s just your USB 3 port that got messed up*. I could replace the whole motherboard, or I could tell you to buy a ten buck hub on Amazon and use that. While I’m here, lemme just install that SSD for you… yup. Good to go.

So, we’re good. I need a new computer at some point, but not today, thank God. And I can get back to edits! Huzzah.

Moe Lane

*I still think that not turning on the computer after I messed it up was the right call generally, but in this specific case it would have been fine.

Clarity on the computer tomorrow, hopefully.

I spent the day reconstructing the template for the baronial newsletter from a four year old version and the printout of last month’s newsletter, and it was just as much fun as it sounds. Just as well, though. Nobody was open because it was Labor Day, so it’s not like I had anything else to do with the time.

With any luck I can get an idea tomorrow morning about how long I’ll have to try to do my work with a Chromebook. Spoiler alert: I mostly can’t. Other spoiler alert: I’m cranky and crotchety. Sorry about that.

Tweet of the Day, Who Gets Sued? edition.

Because if this post is true, somebody’s getting sued.

Via @wastelandJD. If money is changing hands, then there is an established value for the product. IANAL, but I’m pretty sure that whoever generated that audio file did not acquire the rights for the songs that were scraped to make it*. Whoever sold it to Warner should be sue-able. Again, IANAL.

What a fascinating time to be alive.

Moe Lane

*Assuming that the song was made via AI, that is. If that’s a real person, then this isn’t an “AI pop singer” at all.

Tweet of the DAy, OLLLLLLLLLLD edition.


Via @eigenrobot.

The Spice Must Flow.

It’s September 1st, folks! Time for the time of the Pumpkining! Did you miss it? – Because I did.

Also: STARFIELD is fun, and it’s going to get even more fun when they fix the stuttering problem and the modders come up with a UI that humans can use. It’s actually less buggy than you’d expect from a Bethesda game, to. They should still release the Creation Kit with all due speed.

Lastly: it’s going to be a beautiful weekend here. Light posting for Labor Day.

Wow, the day I had.

Was up until 3 AM, playing STARFIELD. Then got up again at 6:45 to watch the kids leave for school, yawned my way through my Secret World Legends lair, slept until noon, went out to have a sub sandwich and beer with my wife (her seasonal favorite was still available) in the perfect September sunshine, had to go nap again, and now it’s Friday afternoon of a three-day weekend.

Such a horrible day. If I’m not careful, it’s going to be much of the same tomorrow, too.