Tweet of the Day, YOU CAN HAVE MY FRENCH DRESSING WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD HA… Wait, What’s That? Oh. Never Mind edition.

I was ready to go to war.

Then I read the article, and I realized that my favorite brands wouldn’t actually change their recipes. So, you know, never mind.

Moe Lane


Tweet of the Day, This T-Shirt Absolutely SINGS To Me edition.


More snow tonight…

…and another two hour delay for school tomorrow. My kids are kind of holding out hope for a full snow day, but who knows? The weather people are starting to sound like we should be able to miss the worst bits, and my county doesn’t particularly want to shut down the schools anyway. And yes, I’m grateful for that.

Besides, the important thing is, my kids got their homework done anyway. That way there’s no surprises, and they can zone out a little when the teachers lecture the rest of the class about being prepared.

I mention all of this because that’s a large part of what I’ve been dealing with, tonight. Oh, and THE STARS ARE WRONG got rejected! Impressively fast, too. So I sent it right back out again. It’s good for me, really.

Moe Lane

Today has been an insane MESS.

We had two snow days this week and a delayed opening – and, to be fair: the two days were justified, and possibly so was the delay. The snow came out of nowhere Sunday night, and dropped half a foot on precisely the parts of my county that never get hit by the ‘half a foot’ part. Usually we don’t get storms come up from the south, but we sure did this time!

But it’s been shambolic chaos throughout. My favorite was when my youngest kid had a ghost box appear on his monitor screen. That’s what it was: a transparent box that couldn’t be turned off or closed. Eventually I had to cast Turn It Off and On Again, See if That Helps, and that worked; but we have no idea what it was, or why it showed up, and I never like that when dealing with computers.

On the bright side, I finished prepping THE STARS ARE WRONG to go out. Now I just need to find a place to not-sell it to.

My Internet’s real wonky tonight.

I think it’s because of the unexpected snowfall up here, and the repeated freeze/unfreeze. We’ve lost Internet outright a couple of times last night, and it’s crawling now. Fortunately I was spending most of the night working on getting THE STARS ARE WRONG ready to be sent out. You never know: somebody might buy it!

At least, I think it’s pretty good. I seem to have gotten at least a little better at this, over the last few years. Go figure.

So, let’s see if this goes through…

Need opinions on Samsung Galaxy A20 camera tripods.

I gotta do a video for the upcoming Kickstarter, and like pretty much everybody else in the universe my video recording options have been retreating to my smartphone. I use a Galaxy A20, which is perfectly fine for video – but I don’t have a tripod for it. Before I dive deep into Amazon; what’s the standard choice for people who expect to need to film on a smartphone on a regular basis and want the picture to remain steady?