A fun day.

My wife and I did a SCA event together for the first time in years, and it was… very relaxing. Neither of us had a job to do, or stuff to get into. We just sat around, talked to folks, and did nothing in particular. Oh, she got some tips on how to use a fiddle bow properly and I hung out with an Irish wolfhound. Well worth it.

Glad I got in one last outdoor event before the weather gets cooler.

Fall has begun!

Finally. Halloween will hopefully be normal, this year. 2020 was hellish, and not in the fun seasonal way: I had candy ready, because I refused to let Them win, but the turnout was nonexistent. And last year was a little disappointing, too. But this year… this year, the kids will come.

And if I’m very lucky, the nights will be cool and windy, with leaves pretending that they’re witches, a-flight in the gloom.

Tweet of the Day, Piracy Is Bad edition.

And I have to say that because, apparently, there are still a lot of people out there ready to argue that Piracy Is Not Bad When [Insert Reason Here]:

You may safely assume that I am on the side of ‘pay for the art.’ If only out of sheer self-interest: eventually the pirates will come for me.


Tough! You’re hearing it anyway. I give you… Semper Supra*.

…Man, now I really want to see the 1950s Atomic Age SF serial that they got this song from.

Moe Lane

*Yes. Yes, the title does translate to “Always Up.” I can’t believe nobody caught that, either. And by that I literally believe I can’t believe it. Everybody involved in this process sniggered, quietly, and signed off on the name.

Tweet of the Day, I Want To *Watch* Somebody Drink Some Of These edition.

Because I have no intention of ever actually drinking any of them myself. Oh, my, no. Let somebody else suffer, in the name of art…

Via @TychoBrahe.

Kind of a weird day today.

Tried to get to a movie, but there was a scheduling bobble and it didn’t happen. On the other hand, it was a beautiful day and I was able to restart the story, so that’s good. I’m also hoping to get considerably more writing in this weekend.

Oh, and the new chapbook’s out, but I’m not gonna nag people about it. [EDIT: …Much.]