Tweet of the Day, Did We Ever Get An Answer To This? edition.

Because it was a legitimate question, back in 2007.

Via @3YearLetterman.

Tweet of the Day, …It’s Not A BAD Strategy edition.

And, yet: wow.

There’s a lot of drama going on behind that fairly bland statement. I’m sure I don’t have to explain exactly what though, right? It’s obvious even to me, and I’m absolutely a civilian. Career military must be rolling in the aisles.

Tweet of the Day, Who Gets Sued? edition.

Because if this post is true, somebody’s getting sued.

Via @wastelandJD. If money is changing hands, then there is an established value for the product. IANAL, but I’m pretty sure that whoever generated that audio file did not acquire the rights for the songs that were scraped to make it*. Whoever sold it to Warner should be sue-able. Again, IANAL.

What a fascinating time to be alive.

Moe Lane

*Assuming that the song was made via AI, that is. If that’s a real person, then this isn’t an “AI pop singer” at all.

Tweet of the DAy, OLLLLLLLLLLD edition.


Via @eigenrobot.

Tweet of the Day, The Mystery Of The Bloomfield Bridge – EXPLAINED! edition.

I don’t expect anybody else to care about this. But this was a fascinating exercise in what a Research skill check might look like in real life. Amusingly, I think my unfinished novel THE SHIVA OPTION has a firefight in one of these archive locations…

Via @baseballcrank.