Tweet-thread of the Week, Don’t Read This If You’re Short Of Breath At The Moment edition.

Trust me on this one.

Tweet of the Day, …Okay, Maybe They Were Right To Move The Bills-Browns Game edition.

They’re playing the Bills-Browns game in Detroit because of snowy conditions. There were some complaints about this, until the snowy conditions showed up:

66 inches of snowfall is almost but not quite taller than my head*. That probably qualifies as ‘too much snow for football.’ Even in upstate New York.

*I’m a hobbit, remember?

Tweet of the Day, God But It Was Invigorating edition.

As I all-but-said on Twitter earlier, I’m feeling like G’Kar in the elevator. If Twitter lives, a lot of people are entertainingly freaking out right now; and if it dies, I get to watch. There is no downside.

Tweet of the Day, This Is My New Favorite For Best Cringe Of 2022 edition.

You read it, and you wait to see where the bit starts. But there’s no bit. This is all real.

Rejoice, my droogies. Rejoice. Why? Because you’ve never written this.

Tweet of the Day, Some People Are Gonna Lose Their [Expletive Deleted] In Twelve Hours edition.

They’ll be doing it live, too. I dunno if you want to watch it as it happens, or wait until tomorrow when they gather up all the particularly good meltdowns. Dealer’s choice, really.

(Via Karen Townsend)

Moe Lane

PS: I know that this is close to The Line, but I’m a responsible bloghost. Far be it from me not to tell y’all about a particularly promising future trainwreck…

Tweet of the Year, @alyankovic Should Have Charged Money For This edition.

You should feel honored to see a master at work.

I’ll assume you already knew that Elon Musk has been throwing out people who pretend to be someone else; and that he’s been ignoring the Holy Blue-Check when doing it. What you may not know is that Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t use social media. Which is something Weird Al knows perfectly well, unlike all the people who immediately started freaking out about this*. Perfect timing, perfect execution, and the ultimate targets of the joke were the ones who went off half-cocked over something they saw on the Internet.

…God, that is beautiful. It’s inspiring, even. We should all take a moment.

*I must also gently note that the aforementioned mass freak-outs are excellent evidence for why Twitter should have a strict policy against having impersonation accounts.

Tweet of the Day, Crowdsourcing Truth To Power edition.

This amuses.

Via @HeartbreakRidge. Also, yes, they should cut way back on the blackouts. And a bunch of other stuff, but the dude only said he’d yell one thing and it’s impolite to presume on a promise.

Tweet of the Day, The Sandman’s Going To Hell! edition.

Okay, that’s a guess – but it’s an informed one.

(Via @Ravenpenny)

The stuff with Lucifer was already hinted at in Season 1, and taking it up now follows the comic’s own path. Since there is absolutely no reason at all not to follow along with the book, I feel fairly confident that this next season is about that. That this is also my second favorite Sandman story* has nothing to do with anything, obviously.


Moe Lane

*My favorite? The Emperor Norton story, of course. I’ve never forgotten it.

Tweets of the Day, This Has Been A Glorious Day For Street Theater edition.

Point and Counterpoint:

God, that’s beautiful. You have to respect that kind of performance art: these two saw an opportunity, and audaciously seized it. You can’t play small if you want to win big.