Tweet of the Day (2019), I Don’t Know About EVERY Time edition.

But it’s something to do at least once.

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Tweet of the Day, From Hell’s Heart, TikTok Spits Its Last Venom At Thee edition.

This isn’t a strategy. This is a ‘flip off the avalanche as it overwhelms you’: “The influential social media app TikTok is flooding the nation’s capital with influencers next week as part of an 11th hour lobbying blitz to stave off the forced sale of the company.” Or maybe TikTok wants to be destroyed? Threatening our nation’s capital with a plague of influencers could very well be seen as a manifestation of the company’s hunger for self-destruction. We can’t ignore that possibility.

Don’t get me wrong: if TikTok desires oblivion so badly, then we should give it to them. Thoroughly, and with no false mercy. But I just marvel at the thought that somebody decided that next week’s exercise in applied mass annoyance was a good plan.

Via @presjpolk.

Tweet of the Day, I Dunno, I Don’t Give Up My ‘Wows’ EasilFFFFFFFFFF edition.


Via Facebook, which has a number of lightsaber sno… ah, enthusiasts complaining that it’s too chunky. Sorry, can’t hear you right now: I’m too busy making VRUUMNNNM sounds. The sound effects on this baby are on point.

Tweet of the Day, Say What You Like About The Oscars… edition.

…but this is pretty cool.

Moe Lane

Via @tomabella.

PS: Jamie Lee Curtis also picked up one, which is a nice career cap for a scream queen and an MMO gamer. A shame TOP GUN: MAVERICK won’t get Best Picture, despite the fact that it realistically was.

Tweet of the Day, ‘It Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some GRENADES, Don’t You Think?’ edition.

Because I won’t care how much blubber a hippo has, if neither will the pressure wave from the grenade.

Via @NathanWurtzel.

Tweet of the Day, Wait, Is This A Trick Question? edition.

Because this may be one of the few things that I’ve ever unreservedly agreed with Bill Ryan on. You don’t need to justify loving MASTER AND COMMANDER. It is the business. I am forcing myself not to go watch it right now.

Via @bendreyfuss.


PS: Crap, it’s on HBO Max.

Tweet of the Day, Pure Genius edition.

I don’t have daughters, mind you. That might be skewing my perceptions. I should ask my father in law about this…

Via @KarlKGallagher.