Tweet of the Day, …Mood edition.

Via @CalebHowe. Mind you, the humpback whale didn’t actually eat them. This happened a few years ago; they’re fine. It’s still my mood this morning.

Tweet of the Day, There’s A Proper Grasp Of Science… edition.

There’s a proper grasp of science, there’s my grasp of science, and then there’s Hollywood’s. This makes me feel so much better about the outrages I’m doing right now to the laws of physics in my latest SF-horror story…

Tweet of the Day, Clever Girl edition.

If you don’t think this is mildly terrifying, you haven’t had toddlers around for a while. …Hold on. I haven’t had toddlers around for a while. So why do I find this video mildly alarming?

(Via PJ Media)

Tweet of the Day, Vicki Embraces The Storm edition.

This will not end quietly. It will probably end hilariously, but not quietly. And as one of the wondering responders to the original tweet noted: Vicki does not, in fact, hate to be this person. This is why she was put on the Earth.

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Tweet of the Day, We Already Knew This, But It’s Great To Have A Confession edition.

At least, I hope we all already knew this. It was pretty obvious, right? :Goes to check to make sure there’s nothing in the archives that would contradict that confident statement:

Tweet of the Day, Submitted Without Context edition.

I make no guarantees for the rest of this person’s content. Haven’t even looked. But this thread? This thread is gold.

Via @EsotericCD.

Tweet Thread of the Day, Let My Keyword Travails Serve As A Cautionary Tale edition.

So, I totally messed up my Amazon book keywords. Which meant I had to go fix them. Fix them all, for each edition. Because when you screw keywords up from the start, you don’t get to have an easy solution.

Don’t let this happen to you!