Back at Balticon!

…After a Chrome update that required far too many security checks for a machine that I just got told won’t be supported after next month. I mean, why does Google care now? – I don’t mind that the Chromebook won’t be supported, you understand. It’s an older model and I didn’t pay much for it to begin with. But if they have little care for its further existence then they shouldn’t be too upset if it’s a little insecure.


Never mind me. I had ten hours’ sleep last night, and it seems to be affecting me in odd ways.

Moe Lane

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Tweet of the Day, Why The HELL Was I Not Notified Of This? edition.

This was literally the only reason I wasn’t planning to see the new Top Gun flick. The only reason. Now it’s back on the rotation…

Via @presjpolk.

TINSEL RAIN is now available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

At long last. Paperback will likely get approved next week, after I go over proofs.

Tinsel Rain returns us to the post-apocalyptic world of Cin City, glittering tinsel crown of the Kingdom of New California. When an old not-quite-friend of Shamus Tom Vargas is found dead, Tom gets pulled into a case of murder, magic, and mystery! Sinister archmages! Bodies in alleys! An actual high-speed car ride! And as many bad jokes as the author could cram in! Truly, you deserve to read this book!


The ANDOR teaser trailer.

Ain’t gonna lie: ROGUE ONE is my favorite movie of the new bunch of Star Wars movies. Which is not a hard bar to clear, but I thought it was legitimately good. And surprisingly resistant to being Disneyfied*. I’m inclined to see what ANDOR does with itself.

*There’s just something entertaining about the way that the production crew expected the Mouse to come in and point out the logical implications of the plot, and its rather dramatic effect on possible sequels. But the Mouse never did. One must treasure these brief, shining moments of artistic integrity, in an uncaring world.


Working on this backdrop.

Aside from the most obvious point: the curtains are the wrong color. They are, however, what I have to work with. My wife’s already suggested not using all the straps and safety-pinning the extras, too. Which will make the final version a lot less sloppy-looking.

Even as is, it’s worth it to get the sign off of the table, honestly.