The ‘They missed a trick’ HOT TAKE: THE DEPP/HEARD TRIAL trailer.

I didn’t watch the trial itself, so I have no urge to see HOT TAKE: THE DEPP/HEARD TRIAL. But the problem with this movie isn’t that it’s exploitative. It’s that it’s not exploitative enough. What they should have done in this movie is gotten Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to play themselves.

…Yes, I’m making light of the entire tawdry affair. Then again, so is this movie.

In the e-Mail: Casting the Runes [GUMSHOE]

The full title is Casting the Runes: Occult Investigation in the World of M. R. James; and the title really does say it all. “Casting the Runes is a roleplaying game based on the works of M.R. James, the father of the modern British ghost story, and uses the GUMSHOE system for investigative RPGs. The unique character of James’s stories, and his own personality, inspire the game.” It’s Edwardian-Era intangible horror, in other words. I picked it up because ghost stories sound like they’d work well in GUMSHOE’s system, and because they’re throwing in the PDF along with the print book for free. I’m down with that.

Tweet of the Day, It’s Damned Close edition.

The classical definition of ‘chutzpah’ being, A man who kills his parents, and then asks for clemency at sentencing on the grounds that he is an orphan.

…I mean, it’s real close, isn’t it? Not perfect, but what is?