I am looking for Maryland book fairs in November/December.

I’m doing Fright Reads in October, so I know that one — but I’d like to get some more vending opportunities in this fall to sell my books. I’ve already seen the Silver Spring seasonal fairs, but I can’t afford to spend $300 on a table*. I’m looking for book fairs or cons that are FSF/Horror friendly, and preferably ones that are relatively easy to get to. Suggestions welcome!


*I’m not saying it’s a bad investment. I’m just saying that I’m unlikely to sell out my entire stock at a seasonal fair, which what it would currently take for me to make a profit under those circumstances.

They’re remaking THE LOST BOYS. Whee.

Too soon, my friends, too soon. As in, everybody still remembers how good THE LOST BOYS was. A remake is just going to be glaringly awkward:

Warner Bros. is moving forward with a feature film reboot of the classic 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys. The reimagining will star Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) and Jaeden Martell (It). That’s a talented young cast, but there’s no information on who they’ll be playing in the film.

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I have physical copies of DECISIONS to sell at @FrightReads!


This is good, because Fright Reads in October is primarily a horror/spooky book show. Oh, fantasy authors are welcome, too, but I want to have my chapbooks on call and ready to be sold. DECISIONS isn’t as flat-out horrific as REVISIONARY was, but I’m pleased by how the Mythos story in it came out. Hopefully I’ll be in a position to move some product next month.

Moe Lane

PS: MORGAN BAROD should be available, too, but those books aren’t coming until next week.

In the Mail: Alan Moore’s PROVIDENCE.

Legendary. The first edition: almost impossible to find, even in digital form. By all accounts, keep out of the reach of children.

You can pick up the softcover Alan Moore / Jacen Burrows PROVIDENCE now, obviously. And they straightened out the digital option. But this is from the Indegogo and I don’t know how much the hardcover version is really worth. I suspect it’s going to be ‘a lot.’ Oh, well, I’m sure my kids will be happy to sell it for a tidy sum, after I’m gone. After they read it, and cringe: one last mortification for them, from beyond the grave…

Civilian orbital space mission going fine.

…Damn, but I love living in the future sometimes.

The crew of the first all-private orbital space mission has spent Thursday, the first full day of the mission, circling the Earth every 90 minutes at over 17,000 mph.

SpaceX reported the Crew Dragon Resilience capsule with four civilians inside was traveling 363 miles high over Asia as of mid-morning, quickly moving over the massive continent. The altitude is a full hundred miles higher than the International Space Station.

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