Book of the Week: Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel.

Jim Geraghty’s an old buddy of mine from the Before Times, and with Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel coming out later this month he will draw ahead of me on the novel front, four to three. This, of course, simply will not do. Of course, I do have GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND coming up in spring of 2023…

Patreon Microfiction: ‘Double-Barrelled Destiny.’

‘Double-Barrelled Destiny:’ Shotguns, to me, have the fundamental feel of a fantasy weapon. I feel that Conan the Barbarian might disdain many modern weapons (he’d use them, but he’d disdain them). But double-barreled shotguns? Yeah, you could put one in his hands and it wouldn’t look ridiculous.


John Williams will retire from doing movie scores.

I would like to be upset, but I can’t think of a single way to be so without also being a jackass: “During an interview with The Associated Press, the legendary film composer revealed his plan to bow out after the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel.” John Williams is 90 years old. The article notes that he’d like to work on his own stuff. His awards shelves are probably made out of reinforced titanium. I named the opera house in FROZEN DREAMS after him. What on earth does he possibly have left to prove?

Moe Lane


First wave of TINSEL RAIN books get mailed today!

Since it promises to be such a quiet day today, I figure I’ll go out this morning and mail out most of the TINSEL RAIN books. I’ve got a bunch of big orders that need boxes*, so I can pick some up while I’m at the post office. Then I can process them tonight, and get the rest out tomorrow.

And that will pretty much handle the physical component of the Kickstarter. I do have secondary digital rewards that need finishing, but that’s a relatively straightforward process. The thing everybody’s waiting on is TINSEL RAIN itself.

Moe Lane


*There’s also some comp books that need to go out, too.