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Tweet of the Day, I’ve Had Enough Beer That This Feels Significant edition.

New place we found. We needed to check the beer list, so I bought a flight. After having a fairly strong beer already… I am very out of condition.


WotC Retrenching on this OGL thing.

Not retreating, or back-tracking. They’re going to fall back, and punt. I get the feeling that they weren’t happy with the way that the buzzsaw started whirring, ever so close to their fingers; but I think they still want to go with their original plan. They just want people to stop freaking out about it for the moment. Or at least not throwing down lawsuits.

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That question answered itself as the first foul monsters came hopping through the brush: all fourteen ballistae fired at once, flashing through the air and leaving behind the smell of ozone. Thirteen hit their targets, which gratifyingly exploded from the strikes; the fourteenth slammed against a sudden globe of blue and yellow materializing around the sailors scrambling onto the golboats. Jack frowned: that was a major ward spell. There were a couple of sailors in the party who could cast those, but why were they ready to set one off?

He ignored the question at the moment: the bolt crews were prepping another volley — with no enchantments, this time — while a squad of crossbowmen climbed the rigging and found good firing spots. Rocca Jack had a taut crew, who knew their business; his job right now was to stand where everybody could see him be in command, and hear his orders when things went wrong. Something usually did, in a fight. You got used to it.

In this case, Jack decided that the something was the swarm of — “What the hell are those things, Charlie?” They looked like headless, legless chickens, only much bigger, and with wings long enough to let them hop on the sand.

“Monsters,” Charlie replied, her eyes growing light. “Arcanely mutated, not first-generation cursed. They feel out of place, and they don’t like it. Oh, and they don’t like us, either. Everything on the land is hateful to them.”

“Right back at you, you ugly bastards,” Jack muttered. More loudly, he shouted, “Marble shot on the next volley! And aim away from the golboats! Ready… FIRE!”

Rejoice, Ye D&D Fans: Paramount plans to degrade all that you love!

A live D&D TV show! Yes! Yes, you too get to watch as one of your cherished geekish diversions get cynically ravaged by people who don’t really care for the source material. It’s a right of passage, honestly. You should be flattered.

And what are they doing, exactly? Well“There aren’t any official details on the project yet, but it’s been rumored in the past that the story “might be” centered on a popular drow ranger character named Drizzt Do’Urden. It’s been speculated that the show could focus on “Drizzt’s early life growing up in the drow city of Menzoberranzan, also known as the city of Spiders.””

…Yeah. That mixed feeling of reluctant interest, tempered by looming dread? That’s part of the creative process. Don’t worry about it – no, seriously, don’t. It’s not like you can do anything about it anyway.

The ‘Crud, are they taking this series seriously now?’ second ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA trailer.

I don’t know if I want them to take the ANT-MAN AND THE WASP series seriously. The series is at its best when it’s aware of just how goofy the premise is, and somebody gave them money to make it properly anyway. I get that it’s time for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA to join the Kirby Era of the MCU, but still…