ComingSoon’s GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE review makes me want to believe.

They got to see it early, the lucky ducks.

The idea of a Ghostbusters III has been tossed around for decades. But after a lengthy delay, no thanks to the pandemic, we are finally getting a continuation of the two ’80s movies. But our original four Ghostbusters are not the stars of this one, and we instead have a group of kids solving a mystery tied to the Ghostbusters. This could have turned out terribly, similar to the horrifying Ace Ventura Jr. situation, but fortunately, it worked. This movie is a lovely, satisfying sequel to the Ghostbusters films that perfectly combines the new with the old.

It is a measure of the day I’ve had that I am disproportionately pleased to hear that GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE maybe doesn’t suck. This is, like, the first half hour I’ve had to think about the stuff that I wanted to think about. you get days like that, alas.

Creature Seed: Specimen HER-10292020-DRK.

Specimen HER-10292020-DRK

Description: roughly humanoid. 6 feet 4 inches, three fingers and a thumb on both hands and feet (fully prehensile), 275 lbs. The flesh is a substance with a 97% congruence to chocolate, with cherry-flavored cola for blood, licorice for hair, and razor-sharp candy corn for teeth and claws. When encountered, Specimen HER-10292020-DRK was wearing a steel-reinforced leather tunic, shirt, and boots, and carrying a leather satchel that contained various instruments and a supply of dried meat: tests indicated that both the meat and the leather were of human origin. Due to the unique nature of the corpse, it is recommended that the Specimen be kept frozen.

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The final DUNE trailer.

Grooving on this, ain’t gonna lie.

It promises to be interesting. I’m getting a lot of spectacle-viewing in my movies so far this year; interesting should be good for a change of pace, I think. And I don’t mind changes from the book, if they’re interesting ones. …I’m over-using that word, sorry. Anyway, it looks fun.

Group Seed: Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER).

Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER)

Logo: A snarling badger, one paw raised as if to strike. The badger wears a generic jumpsuit and a tactical earpiece/HUD display.

…They came up with the name and the logo first, then found a backwards acronym generator afterward. And, yes: even supervillain companies use those. Ain’t computer technology grand? 

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