Patreon Microfiction: “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge.”

If you’re curious: the gloubari are not particularly more or less advanced than humanity is, technology-wise, so this wasn’t an imposed colony. They instead acquired the Saturn colony in a complicated land estate deal that ended with humanity picking up three rather nice terrestrial-type planets in gloubari systems in exchange. This means that both sides in “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge” are firmly convinced that they’ve robbed each other blind, which is always good for interstellar amity.


Patreon Microfiction: Just Before The Beginning Of The End.

Well. They meant well. …Which really is the worst thing in the English language that you can say about someone. Also: “Just Before The Beginning Of The End” may or may not be canonically part of the Fermi Resolution, but it’s not currently contradicting it.


Should I collect my microfiction for print?

I have a ton of 100-word microfiction, and theoretically I could take the best hundred of them and put them in book form. It’d be about the size of a chapbook, so it’d be a $2.99/$4.99 project. The problem is, they’re microfiction. Don’t know how many people would want to buy that.

I could value-add it by including illustrations. The problem there, though, is that the art costs go up significantly when we’re talking about one hundred pieces. Even if I spent no more than five bucks a pop on the art (which would get me, I dunno, stick figures or something), that’s still five hundred bucks which I won’t see recouped any time soon. And I wouldn’t want five-buck-art, anyway.

So. Thoughts?

Patreon Microfiction: From BUZZ ON THE STREETS.

BUZZ ON THE STREETS is not going to be the name of the next Tom Vargas novel, but it might be the title of the next novella. It would be easier to just have Lucas already around for the next novel, after all. Hrm. Maybe I could serialize this…



Patreon Microfiction: The Quiet Themes of Geomancy.

Ah, The Quiet Themes of Geomancy. I’ll say this for being an unpaid teacher’s aide: I now have a much better grasp of geography and earth science at the sixth-grade level. Which is embarrassing, in its way. Still, if I didn’t know the fine details before and I do know them now: that’s good, right? Better to be educated than ignorant, surely.


Patreon Microfiction: Manifesto of the Urban Druid.

Personally, if there were druids, then the protagonist of ‘Manifesto of the Urban Druid’ would be perfectly perfect. ‘Nature’ is an opinion. …Well, except in cosmic horror. Which this is not.