Okay, I tell a lie: I figured out the first paragraph of BUZZ ON THE STREETS.

It’s not the next Tom Vargas novel (now on preorder!). It’s going to be a novella to bridge the gap between TINSEL RAIN and the next novel, so that I won’t have to use a part of the book to reintroduce Lucas. But I just needed to bring him in properly from the start. I think this works:


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TINSEL RAIN now available for Kindle preorder

I should just accept that this is all that I’m dealing with today. Also, as a reminder: if you backed the Kickstarter at the digital level and filled out your survey you should have gotten a notification of the digital book being available.

TINSEL RAIN NOW AVAILABLE TO PREORDER ON KINDLE! It comes out Friday. Rejoin Shamus Tom Vargas as he investigates murder, magic and mystery in the post-apocalyptic Kingdom of New California! Action! Suspense! A plethora of bad jokes! All awaits your interested gaze!

The digital TINSEL RAIN is on its way!

TINSEL RAIN is back from the editor: and I think that it’s reasonable to release the digital versions of the book now for my Kickstarter backers. Particularly since I want people who backed to get the book before it’s available on Kindle. Which, hopefully, will be Friday. So if you backed, check your emails, and I’m still on track to lock orders to take care of the physical rewards sometime in June. Gotta make sure the physical proofs are okay, after all.


Moe Lane

PS: Check out the pre-order store!


I’ve gotten the edits back from the Editor, I’ve been preparing the digital downloads, and if you qualified for Special Thanks and haven’t finished your survey question I went ahead and made my best guess. As soon as I hear back from the editor I’m punching buttons, so You Have Been Warned.

And yes, that means that the print copies of the books will soon be available. Get your pre-orders in now.

TINSEL RAIN Edit Update: up to Chapter 17.

We’re more than halfway through the second edit pass of TINSEL RAIN, and I… may not have it ready in time for Balticon. Alas. We’re way ahead of schedule anyway, which is the important thing. Better it be good than too fast.

In other news, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is still on super-Kindle sale! Tell your friends. Heck, tell your acquaintances on the bus.


Patreon Microfiction: “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge.”

If you’re curious: the gloubari are not particularly more or less advanced than humanity is, technology-wise, so this wasn’t an imposed colony. They instead acquired the Saturn colony in a complicated land estate deal that ended with humanity picking up three rather nice terrestrial-type planets in gloubari systems in exchange. This means that both sides in “Just Don’t Look Over The Edge” are firmly convinced that they’ve robbed each other blind, which is always good for interstellar amity.