And the Kickstarter’s done!

No Backerkit on this one, so if you missed out, welp, it’ll be on Kindle Unlimited eventually. We funded and to spare, which was awesome; and the extra money will make it a lot easier for me to put out the next chapbook (tentatively titled DESCISIONS) later in the season. So, it went well! A big thank you to everybody who backed.

The LAST DAY of the Kickstarter is here!

I’m sure everybody’s very grateful for that. The A proper picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!’ Kickstarter ends tomorrow, at 11 AM EST. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the final art soon after that, which will let me get the short story out to the public in a reasonable amount of time. Can’t wait for people to read it!

First chapter of MORGAN BAROD’s back from the editor!

I look at the notes at random, and see something helpfully pointed out that I should have blessed well considered the first go-round. Plus the usual list of darlings to kill, most of which I thought I had gotten already. This is why you need an editor, folks. If you are going to self-publish, you can do a lot of stuff yourself; but you can’t do without an editor and you can’t do without a book cover designer. Sorry.