Prepare yourself for GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND by buying COVENANTS!

COVENANTS: FOUR TALES OF AGREEMENTS has a story set in the same science fiction / horror universe (“Tour of Duty”) as my upcoming novel GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. Also check out “Notes from the 2078 United Nations Antarctic Archaeological Survey” on Kindle Vella. Between the two, you should be able to get a feel for the world of the novel. Also, I get money. Win-win!

Brain still fried.

Recharging for tomorrow. I’m very much at the ‘get this sucker out the door stage’ of the book-writing process. I don’t know how people who don’t self-publish handle it. I mean, yes, selling GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND will be a whole thing, but at least it’ll actually physically exist soon. I’d be halfway through the traditional publishing path at this point instead of seven-eighths.

Also: I need to do a better job launching this one. More book signings, more interviews, the whole shebang. Going to work on that.

First set of edits for GHOST ON AN ALIEN WIND are in the can!

Queue the excited gibbering and meeping. I still have to go into the first chapter and punch it up considerably, which I will do… tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds good. Brain tired needs foods.

After that, I send GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND back to my editor for another quick pass-through, just to catch whatever typos we missed the first time. After that… crap, it’ll be time to publish another book. This will be my fourth novel. Fancy that.


So, Osprey Publishing is in the gaming business now.

I apologize in advance for the future state of your wallets. But it makes a good deal of sense, really. Lots of gamers buy Osprey’s military books. Lots of wargamers buy their books. Osprey has clearly decided that they should just eliminate the middleman and sell wargames to their existing clientele directly.

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