Special Halloween Chapbook sale, starting tomorrow!

For one week starting Saturday, all four of my chapbooks – ANAGNORISIS, REVISIONARY, DECISIONS, and DUTIES – will be on 99 cent sale! Now is the time to pick up quick, illustrated spooky, horror, and fantasy stories! (Each book has four stories, approximately 32K words total, each with an illustration drawn for the story itself). Now is the time to buy!

…Well, tomorrow is the time to buy. But you know what I mean.



There was another Kickstarter that dropped today, called ATOMIC ROBO AND THE VENGEFUL DEAD HARDCOVER EDITION. Tesladyne described it as follows: “wherein the robot punches some vampires.” Having read it, I can readily agree that this is what the story is about. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s a thing worth backing*.

*I am into that sort of thing.

Busted my 2022 goal for Amazon sales with three months to spare!

…Clearly I needed a higher goal in the first place. I had taken last year’s sales, and increased them by 50%: I decided that was a reasonable number to aim at. But things have been going very well for the last four months, so now I have a new number to aim for.

So… buy my books!

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Patreon Microfiction: Alchemical Byproducts.

The dude in ‘Alchemical Byproducts’ isn’t exactly whining about it, but he’s feeling just a touch aggrieved. Having the Philosopher’s Stone is turning out to be a solid, stone-cold moneymaker, after all (if not quite literally, in this world of fiat currency). He’s just embarrassed that all the pure science people are pissed at him now.


Fright Reads went well!

A long day, but a productive one. Sales were very good, at least by my standards; I’m not entirely sure what ultimate success will look like, but I moved a decent amount of product and made a decent profit. Interestingly, though, neither TINSEL RAIN nor DUTIES sold at all. I think that’s because I was selling a lot of ‘try these, and see if you like my stuff’ books, so I do have some hope of moving both of the above books in the next few weeks. Something to look forward to.

And now I’m going to collapse, thanks.


Book of the Week: THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES [Scholomance, Book 3].

Like this was a surprise, really. I’ve already read Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES two and a half times and it came out five days ago. Now I’m going to read the whole series over again, and see how the clues in the first two books led to the three. What else really needs to be said, here.

Further commentary – none of it directed at Ms. Novik – has been deleted as being perhaps a bit… inflammatory.

Moe Lane