Book of the Week: DANSE MACABRE.

I know that Stephen King is somewhat of a jackass, these days; but his 1981 work DANSE MACABRE is an extremely useful look at the contemporary horror genre, and we are overdue for somebody to write something similar for our own time period*. It’s the old problem of separating the art from the artist. I mean, even I can be a slight jackass, sometimes.

No, really.

Moe Lane

*No, not me. I do not come even close to having The Knowledge necessary for such an endeavor. Ken Hite? This is your moment.

Book of the Week: Decisions: Four Tales of Choices.

Writer Moe Lane has warned – or maybe promised? – that Decisions: Four Tales of Choices will be the last self-published fiction of his in 2021. It’s made up of four stories, each illustrated with its own image drawn specifically for the story. Also not entirely horror, unlike his previous two chapbooks. Check it out!

Tweet of the Day / Book of the Week: GURPS Girl Genius.

I… I could never quite make myself believe that this day would ever come.

Book of the Week: To End In Fire (Crown of Slaves).

To End In Fire (Honor Harrington universe, in case you’re not familiar) is in pre-order, but that’s what E-ARCs are for and I don’t care who doesn’t like those. I love E-ARCs. I’ve always loved the idea of E-ARCs, and I cheerfully spend money on the concept.

It’s also nice that David Weber and Eric Flint are starting to wrap up this story. I buy ’em and I continue to buy them, but no sense in having it last forever, right?