Book of the Week: The Third Crown, and Other Weird Tales.

The Third Crown, and Other Weird Tales is a collection of short stories by Paul Leone. I picked it up to read the stories set in the same universe as his good, and grim, In And Out of the Reich, but I liked the other ones, too. Also: Paul has a good book cover game. Not pointing fingers, but you can kind of tell when somebody’s taken the ‘Oh, don’t spend money on real cover art’ argument seriously. That’s not a problem here.

Book of the week: COVENANTS.

As I have been making increasingly obvious over the last week, a story from the universe of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND (“Tour of Duty”) can be found in my chapbook-with-illustrations COVENANTS. My biggest chapbook to date, too! I’ve been writing longer short stories lately.

Four tales of agreements! Follow along as MARIE VISITS THE CONTINENT, on a mission of delicacy, and monsters. Sally forth with Duchess Carlotta into a zombie-haunted world as she takes THE QUEST FROM CASTLE WINDERMERE. Go on a TOUR OF DUTY in the interstellar spaces between charnel worlds. And lastly, discover with our horrified narrator that, after long, long years… THE STARS ARE WRONG. Enjoy! (Four stories, fifty eight thousand words total, each with its own illustration.)

Moe Lane


Book of the Week: Claimed.

I’d never heard of Claimed before Thursday, but my Lovecraft class brought it up. From the text: “One of [Gertrude Barrows] Bennett’s most famous novel[s], Claimed, narrates the tale of a supernatural artifact which summons an ancient and powerful god to early 20th century New Jersey. Augustus T. Swift called the novel, “One of the strangest and most compelling science fantasy novels you will ever read”).” …I admit: a description like that will pique my interest.


Book of the Week: From Spark to Finish: Running Your Kickstarter Campaign.

Sometimes the books I buy are for work. From Spark to Finish: Running Your Kickstarter Campaign (by M.C.A. Hogarth) is one of those times. My next Kickstarter is going to need to make more money than usual; not more money than I’ve hit in the past, but enough that I need to do some research. Yay!

I know, I know. It beats the alternative, which is: no books…