Book of the Week: Captain Trader Helmsman Spy (Fall of the Censor Book 4)

Karl Gallagher’s latest book in his Fall of the Censor space opera series (Captain Trader Helmsman Spy) is out! Haven’t gotten a chance to crack it open yet, but that’s not Karl’s fault. Looking forward to reading it… and looking forward to the actual Fall of the Censorate, too. But that will likely take some time.

Book of the Week: The Family Business.

Some folks were saying nice things about Mike Kupari’s The Family Business, so I decided to give it a whirl. Bounty hunter tracking down human collaborators after an attempted alien invasion of Earth; I’m about 10% in, and it’s pretty good so far. The cover has very little to do with the book itself, but that’s just one of Baen Books’ little ways. You get used to it.


Book of the Week: Terro-Human Future History: Complete Series.

The Terro-Human Future History: Complete Series is one of those ninety-nine cent specials. Which is to say, it’s collected a lot of H. Beam Piper’s stuff and tossed it into Kindle form. Fair warning: the formatting will probably throw up the occasional typo. Then again, the entire point of books like this is to have something on your Kindle while you’re at the beach. No reason to over-think it, right?


Books of the Week: The Nantucket trilogy.

Although S.M. Stirling’s apparently calling these books (Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, and On the Oceans of Eternity) the Island series. Basic concept: something sends the island of Nantucket back to the Bronze Age. Adventures ensue.

Anyway: I recently replaced my copies of the last two books in the series (they somehow managed to fall into a washing machine), so now I’m rereading them. Good, alt-history/time travel fun.

Book of the Week: Abomination.

Found this one on my desktop: Abomination is a horror novel by Gary Whitta, set in the time of Alfred the Great. It’s got evil magic and monsters and suchlike in it, and so far it’s really good. I’m just trying to figure out how I got a copy. I have literally no memory of receiving one, and I definitely didn’t buy it on Amazon. And I’m having the Devil of a time installing it on my phone, too.



Book of the Week, Something More Than Night.

From the description of Kim Newman’s Something More Than Night: “Raymond Chandler writes detective stories for pulp magazines, and drinks more than he should. Boris Karloff plays monsters in the movies. Together, they investigate…” annnnd that’s when I bought the book.

Okay, that’s a lie: I bought the book when I saw ‘Kim Newman,’ and I realized that I didn’t recognize the title. But if I hadn’t seen the author, the description would have done it for me.

Book of the Week: Theft of Swords.

I have a +4 reaction to people who back my Kickstarters, so when Michael J. Sullivan kindly decided to back my latest one I decided to give his Theft of Swords a whirl. I’ve already chuckled three times and laughed out loud once during the first chapter, so it’s going well. Roguish and thievish fantasy, but not grimdark: I can dig it.

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