Book of the Week: Anathema – A Monstergirl Artbook.

The day was lovely, in fact. My wife and I had lunch in Frederick, then as we were driving back from that we saw a craft fair at the county fairgrounds. So we wandered around there for an hour, ate county fair food, bought a bunch of fun stuff, and had ourselves a really nice time.

Anyway: this isn’t an Amazon special or anything. Ben Fleuter is selling copies of his Anathema – A Monstergirl Artbook*.  Ben’s a good dude and a good artist, so I don’t mind doing a little signal-boosting.

*”Please be aware that – while generally PG13 – this booklet does contain some depictions of undeath and body-horror.”

Book of the Week: Councilor: A Novel in the Grand Illusion.

I’m not going to lie: many of you might find L.E. Modesitt’s Councilor: A Novel in the Grand Illusion a bit dry. The series itself is mostly concerned with political shenanigans in a steampunk-ish parliament, with the occasional assassination and/or government chicanery tossed in. I like it, but I can recognize that not everybody will. Still, it was what I was reading this week.

So it goes.


Book of the Week: Tales From The Fermi Resolution, Volume 1 (it’s on sale!).

As God is my witness, I’m as surprised as you are. Amazon decided to sell Tales From The Fermi Resolution for four bucks and twenty-four cents. I have no idea why that number, nor do I care: my cut remains intact. So now is the time to get that book in print! Hell, buy ten and hand them out as Christmas presents. Or buy a hundred, and hand them out on Halloween. Now is the time to take advantage of Amazon’s desperation…


Book of the Week: The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories.

BEHOLD! The power of a good cover. I know I have all of the stories in The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, but the cover tempts me. That poor penguin’s expression*…

*It’s not really an expression: it’s just very good graphic element placement and presentation. Still impressive.


Book of the Week: The Blood Is The Life.

THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE by David Carrico is the story of a nice Orthodox Jewish boy who becomes a vampire… and who would like to continue being a nice Orthodox Jewish boy, thank you very much. It’s an establishing novel, mostly focused on establishing the world, and setting up the character for future adventures; I look forward to seeing what happens to the hero after this. A quick, fun read.