Book (Well, Short Story) of the Week: ‘Pickman’s Model: A Romance.’

Why Moe Lane’s “Pickman’s Model: A Romance“? Because it’s mine, it’s good, and I’m trying to push it. Every copy of it I sell (and MORGAN BAROD, later this summer) puts me ever-so-closer to being able to pay for a project I’m trying to fund. Buy the story, read it on Kindle Unlimited, do it however you like: it’s all good. I just gotta keep swinging at it, that’s all.

Book of the Week: The Silmarillion.

I brought a copy of JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion with me to the event because I couldn’t be social or tell people where to pitch their tents all day. It has been a while since I read it – and I suspect that I wasn’t as intelligent back then as I am now, because I definitely missed bits. I need hardly state that it’s a damn brilliant book. But I will, anyway: it’s a damn brilliant book… which encouraged more than a few lesser ones. Not Tolkien’s fault, mind you.

Oh, and regular posting tomorrow. I am beat.

Book of the Week: The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Why? Because Shaenon Garrity mentioned Illuminatus! on Twitter [fnord!], and danged if I can think of a better choice. It’s been a weird week. I wonder if it’s all due to the looming ending of the pandemic [fnord!]; I am stretching out, and some of my mental muscles feel stiff and unused…