Book of the Week: Buried Deep.

I had this entire post ready to explain that it’s been a weird week and I didn’t get a chance to finish any of the three, four, five? books that I have open — but then I checked, and it turns out Naomi Novik’s Buried Deep anthology is coming out in September. So, you know, never mind*.

Pre-ordered. I know I shouldn’t reward them for that, but what can you do? Naomi Novik.

*Includes this tidbit: “The first glimpse of the world of Abandon, the setting of Novik’s upcoming epic fantasy series—a deserted continent populated only by silent and enigmatic architectural mysteries.


Book of the Week: My novels on 99 cent Kindle Sale!

Gimme a break: I came home, walked upstairs, and promptly fell asleep. I only woke up because I desperately needed to eat something. Anyway: FROZEN DREAMS, TINSEL RAIN, MORGAN BAROD, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION VOL 1, and GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND are all on 99 cent sale this week. That makes them books of the week, surely.

Book of the Week: Dueling Six Demons.

I’m looking forward to Jim Geraghty’s Dueling Six Demons: A Dangerous Clique Novel. I would also like to note for the record that I did not pester Jim for an Advance Reader Copy, even though I could totally presume on our friendship to get one. Dude’s gotta get those hardcore first day sales numbers, because they’re critically important…


Book of the Week: Beggar’s Sky.

Beggar’s Sky is Wil McCarthy’s third novel in his Rich Man’s Sky series, which asks the question: What if future space exploitation is driven by the mega-ultra-super rich – and that’s not intrinsically a bad thing? As you might have guessed, only Baen is the only mainstream SF publisher with enough hair on its ass to actually print the blessed thing…



DANGEROUS ASSOCIATIONS is a little tabletop RPG supplement I put together that looks at groups of my own design, and all suitable for campaigns. …I mention this again because you never know who might be reading it for the first time. These are fun little projects, and goodness knows I have enough generic TT RPG material to work with…

Book of the Week: The Fifth Elephant.

Or, you know, any other Terry Pratchett novel. But The Fifth Elephant will do as something on which to hang your head. Unless, of course, you’ve never actually read the man. In that case I recommend that you start at… huh. That’s a tough one. I got started with Wyrd Sisters, and that’s as good a place as any?

Book of the Week: Murder at the War.

I haven’t thought of Mary Monica Pulver’s Murder at the War in a good, long while. This straight-up murder mystery is set in Pennsic before it was Pennsic, sort of: Cooper’s Lake wasn’t the first place we held that event. Certainly this book is set before the event became PENNSIC, a sprawling two-week behemoth that helps define the SCA.

I do remember being shocked at Pennsic 21 (my first) that, wow, there are authors here! That this was allowed! It left an impression.

Book of the Week: One Extra Corpse.

One Extra Corpse is the sequel to Barbara Hambly’s straight-up mystery novel Scandal in Babylon, and I’m not gonna lie: I went right from the first book to the second one. I’d have the next one pre-ordered except the current sales price on that is so blatantly a place holder. At least, I hope so. If not, somebody’s about to learn a valuable life lesson on price points.

Anyway, these are good books.