Book of the Week: My novels on 99 cent Kindle Sale!

Gimme a break: I came home, walked upstairs, and promptly fell asleep. I only woke up because I desperately needed to eat something. Anyway: FROZEN DREAMS, TINSEL RAIN, MORGAN BAROD, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION VOL 1, and GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND are all on 99 cent sale this week. That makes them books of the week, surely.

Announcing the June Moe Lane’s Novels BLOWOUT SALE!

That’s right: starting June 1st, ALL of my novels (and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION VOL 1) will be on sale for 99 cents (99 pence in the UK) for one week! For less than five bucks you can have it all (well, except for the chapbooks). Now is the time to get your piece of my genius!

Or, you know, you can buy them all now and put more money in my pocket. Either is cool.

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Otherwise known as the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. I picked FROZEN DREAMS instead of MORGAN BAROD because the latter is honestly flirting with becoming a ‘heroic fantasy trilogy,’ much as I hate to admit it; and I picked it over GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND because GoaAW is a cosmic horror novel hiding behind a science fiction facade. Oh, and TINSEL RAIN is the second book in the FROZEN DREAMS series, so it was automatically disqualified, too.

…I need to write more novels.


Up to 53% on the TINSEL RAIN audiobook project!

Slowly but surely, we pull together the money needed to start the process to get an audiobook – a PROPER audiobook – for TINSEL RAIN. I’m not going down the AI route for this one. I respect my readers too much. Frankly, I respect myself too much.

As always, feel free to help with this by buying one of my books! Or try out the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook for yourself. It’s good! Other people have told me that. Some of them didn’t even have ulterior motives to do so.


TINSEL RAIN Audiobook Drive now at 47%!

Although that does come with a caveat: that’s 47% of the first half. The second half might have to involve draining my escrow account, tapping personal money, and even some outright fundraising. Still, having half available up front is enough to start the project. Also: there’s no way I’m going to borrow money to do this project, because I’m not insane.

Still, feel free to tell your friends to buy the audiobook for FROZEN DREAMS. All funds accumulated there go right into the TINSEL RAIN audiobook fund. Every separate bit helps!


The TINSEL RAIN audiobook fund: at 44%!

I’ve calculated the money I need to bring in every month in order to keep my publishing schedule on track, and this month represents a good enough month that I could take the extra and put it towards an audiobook fund. We are now at 44% to get the audiobook for TINSEL RAIN made! …Well, 44% of the way to the first half. Once I have that, I can figure out where I’m gonna find the second half.

In the meantime, feel free to buy the audiobook for FROZEN DREAMS. That’ll help a lot with this. Besides, Christmas is coming up! And what better gift, than me?


42% on the TINSEL RAIN audiobook project!

We’re getting there. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there. I should note that I will not be offering an audiobook stretch goal in future Kickstarters; it’s not easy to use crowdfunding to properly recompense the audiobook narrator. We’ll just get the money another way.

Speaking of, all existing audiobook revenue is being used to fund future ones. Encourage your audiobook-loving friends to check out FROZEN DREAMS!